What is Cast Iron Cookware? All You Need to Know

Cast Iron cookware doesn’t get enough attention. The benefits of having cast iron cookware are huge and in my experience cast iron skillets and pots are way better than their more modern steel, aluminum and copper counterparts. It getting more and more plain that recent developments in cookware are just over hyped by companies to make a quick buck. Don’t fall for it. Cast iron is the way to go and I’ll tell you why.

What is Cast Iron Cookware?

Cast Iron is a perfect heat conductor, It heats up fast and holds the heat for a long time. Always a bonus when you’re in a rush or just because it good to be able to heat stuff up fast 🙂 The way that food doesn’t stick to enameled cast iron cookware is great too. They compete closely with expensive tephlon skillets and cookware and are so much cheaper. They also get better with age so the more seasoned cast iron cookware is the better.

Cast Iron Cookware

One of the main benefits I see with using cast iron cookware sets is that you can transfer them from the stove top the oven with no extra preparation at all. There will be no warping at all and it just cuts down even more on cooking time and makes for much more convenient cooking.

Cast Iron cookware also lasts forever. Seriously if you can get a hold of some good skillets or pots hold on to them and pass them on to your children. They will last generations and those generations will bless you name forever (ok maybe not but im sure they’ll appreciate your taste in cookware).

Also the more you use your cast-iron cookware the smoother they’ll become and the easier they’ll ge to cook with. Washing it isnt a problem either so you shouldnt worry abotu scraping off that seasoning.


So the message here is that if you don’t currently own any cast iron cookware you should so check out our sponsors on this page, go to amazon or head down to your local store see what they have to offer. You’ll be very happy with your purchase, no need to worry about that.