What is a Potato Ricer? [All You Need to Know]

A potato ricer is a simple kitchen gadget that allows you to break up boiled potatoes to a nice smooth consistency. Its kind of like a masher but because it just squeezes the potato through small holes it doesn’t break up the starch as much so its still very smooth. Checkout the Best Cooking Utensils to Protect Cookware complete guide.

What is a Potato Ricer

What is a Potato Ricer

There are three different types of potato ricers. The most basic is a grid with holes in it and a handle. You press the potato against a flat surface and squeeze the potato through the grid for best results. Another kind of ricer is one that strongly resembles a garlic press. You set a whole or part of a potato in the holder and squeeze the handles together to produce the riced potato. And the third style is like a meat grinder. You put the potato inside a container and a screw like press is used to slowly press the potato through the grid.

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Don’t forget that potato ricers can be used to prepare many other kinds of softened or boiled vegetables too. They work great with carrots and avocados too for guacamole. Be sure to check out our sponsors above for great deals on high quality, affordable potato ricers.