What is a Copper Cookware? [Complete Guide for Newbies]

I’ve heard a lot about copper cookware and how cool it is to cook with copper. I knew there were pots and pans with copper cores for it’s ability to heat evenly but there are cookware sets made entirely from copper. Or at least mostly copper. Some of them have tin involved too.

What is a Copper Cookware?

Copper cookware has many distinct advantages when it comes to cooking delicious food. First off, copper tends to last for many moons. The longevity makes its well worth the money, unlike many other types of cookware such as tin, aluminum or even stainless steel. Copper does need a bit more care than stainless steel cookware, but the results make it more than worth it. Using a simple copper-cleaning solution or a gentle soap, you can keep your copper cookware set shining and in perfect condition for ages. With copper you’ll need to dry them immediately and never put them in the dishwasher.

What is a Copper Cookware

Another reason copper pots are more popular than ever is copper’s fantastic cooking qualities. The heat distribution provided by copper allows for very smooth changes in heat. The heat also is spread evenly across the entire bottom of the pot or pan. Any experienced cook knows how important this can be. Other types of cookware such as tin or steel will have hot spots on the bottom of the pan. Tin and aluminum especially have problems with hot spots, as well as abrupt changes in heat when the stove top is adjusted. Copper smooths it all out. Also, it’s pretty.

Two brands stand out when it comes to copper cookware. Mauviel copper cookware is the standard for many professional chefs and serious amateur cooks. It’s built to the most exacting standards. You really can’t go wrong with it. All clad copper cookware is the other brand. Both brands are expensive but All Clad tends to be slightly cheaper. Either way you’ll have cookware that will last a lifetime if you care for it.