Vegetable knife Vs Nakiri [Which is the Best]

Are you wanted to define your knives? Are you wanted to know vegetable knife vs Nakiri? You will know about these two knives, but also about the vegetable knife and nakiri knife features.

Last few days, I see lots of people are searching Wusthof nakiri knife review, mercer nakiri knife review, and Vegetable knife vs. Nakiri knife. That’s why I write an article about Vegetable knife vs nakiri, but you will also get the most excellent nakiri knife review here below.

Vegetable knife Vs Nakiri

I know people have lots of confusion about their vegetable knife and Nakiri knife. Some people think the vegetable knife is better than a nakiri knife, and some people think different. That’s why here you will see their specifications and also define these two knives.

Vegetable knife Vs Nakiri

Vegetable Knife:


  • Ergonomic Non-Stick Cutting
  • Fine-Edge Smooth Blades
  • Protective Blade Guards
  • Five different designs
  • Blade Material: Stainless steel
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Construction Method: Stamped

Vegetable knives specially made for only kitchen items like vegetables. This vegetable knife is super easy to clean. You don’t need to put them in the dishwasher. You can wash it by a wash with warm soapy water or wipe dry. Then wash it with a soft cloth to maintain their brilliance.

It has the ergonomically shape that handles provide balance and leverage for safe cutting, and match it with sharp, fine-edge blades. Nowadays, the vegetable knife is the primary general-utility knife for most western cooks.

The vegetable Knife is used for cutting bread and vegetable, and it is one of many kitchen knives used by chefs, and it defines santoku vs. chef knife. Though The serrated blades of vegetable knives can cut soft vegetables without crushing it.

The vegetable Knife is specially designed as an all-purpose knife. I often used for peeling and other small scale tasks. The vegetable knife is a knife that is used for general or utility purposes.

Nakiri Knife Features:

  • Precision-forged blade with premium Japanese AUS-8 at 58 HRC
  • It has 12 different sizes.
  • Chromium (Cr) added to steel for stain resistance.
  • Ruthlessly sharp scalpel-like edge is hand finished to a mirror polish within a staggering 13-15°
  • Tapered blade design for durability and flexibility
  • Polished spine to facilitate a comfortable pinch grip
  • Beautiful hand-polished satin finish blade.
  • Cleans easily for low maintenance

Nakiri knife is one of the famous and durable knives nowadays. Its durability and strong material take it at a different level. It has a precious blade. For stain resistance, it was added by high levels of chromium (Cr). It is full tang for its incredible robustness and quality.

Its Ice-tempered blade ensures excellent resilience and superior edge retention, that’s why I like this knife. It’s precisely tapered blade minimizes its surface resistance for buttery smooth cut through it.

This nakiri knife is masterfully elegant, a perfectly balanced knife, it is razor-sharp, and it will work as exceptional performance. The Phantom Series Nakiri knife is famous for its refinement, beauty, purity, and power.

The Phantom Series made with exceptional sharpness, edge retention, strength, and durability. It is at a reasonable price, and a nakiri knife worth it. It is so beautifully engraved, the blade further features a hand-polished spine and ergonomic bolster shape for a natural and smooth like ‘pinch grip.’ A famous knife it is.

Vegetable knife VS Nakiri knife

I think you guys read all the specifications about Vegetable knife and Nakiri knife. So, let’s talk about its differences.


Vegetable knives size is up to 8-inches, but nakiri knives size is up to 12-inches. Nakiri knives height can up to 4-inches, but vegetable knives height can up to 2-3inches. But vegetable knives are usually made for cutting fruits, Vegetables, Bread, Cheese, and other different small type food. That’s why vegetable knife often being small than the nakiri knife. Nakiri Knife is specially made for Cutting meats, fish, bones, and you can also cut vegetables and fruits.


Nakiri knife design looks like a rectangle shape. On the other hand, vegetable knives design is like a standard shape. If you ever see a nakiri knife, you will see, nakiri knives have a unique design than a vegetable knife. Nakiri knives’ weight is higher than a vegetable knife. Nakiri knives designs are stronger than Vegetable knives.


Nakiri knife was specially made of the precision-forged blade with the premium Japanese AUS-8 at 58 HRC. On the other hand, Vegetable knives blades are made with stainless steel. But the vegetable knife has fine-edge able smooth Blades. On other parts, the Nakiri knife has the extra most exceptional flat edge on its blade.


Nakiri knife has extra durable materials, and it has many features than a vegetable knife. A vegetable knife is not so durable then Nakiri. Nakiri knife is heavy, but it is durable. A vegetable knife is thin but not sustainable.


Vegetable sharpness is lower than nakiri. Nakiri can cut hard things like meat and fish, but a vegetable knife can cut only vegetables and soft things; that’s why nakiri is a better option.

Which is the best Knife?

If you read my differences between Nakiri and vegetable knife, I hope you will understand. But if you still don’t know which one is best?  Then I should tell you that the nakiri knife is the best knife than a Vegetable knife.

Can I use a Nakiri knife for cutting vegetables?

Yes, of course. Nakiri has durable material; because it is made with strong material and made for meat and fish. You can also cut anything like Vegetables, bread, chess, fruits, and other simple things.

Which knife you will prefer to us?

I always try to suggest something suitable. Also if you buy a vegetable knife, then you can’t cut meat and fish. But if you choose a Nakiri knife, you can cut meat, fish, and vegetables. So, I prefer you to buy a Nakiri knife because it is 2 in 1 knife and it is so durable, and it has excellent shape.


If you ever search nakiri vs. gyuto and nakiri vs. Chinese cleaver and you don’t get any result of it that thing is embarrassing. Most of the people I see they want to know more about the nakiri knife. Though the nakiri knife is an extraordinary and phenomenal knife. I create this article because people want to define it. So, overall I put all the information here what I get. I hope you will like it and let me know.