Top Chef by Master Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set review

Building a kitchen cannot be complete without a good knife set. But with so many knife sets in the market how do you decide which one is a worthy buy? Is this knife set a good option? Read our Top Chef by Master Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set review to learn the answer…

Main Features

9 knives to meet every cutting need

If you love variety in your food and love to cook all foods yourself, you would naturally want variety in your kitchen knife set. This set has enough variety to meet the varied needs of any seasoned chef, the Top Chef by Master Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set scores a perfect 10 here. Whatever cutting job you have, you’ll find a worthy knife in this set, just like what we found in our Top Chef by Master Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set review.

Ice-Tempered Stainless Steel Blades

In a knife, the blade is everything, and the blade used in this kitchen knife set didn’t disappoint us during our Top Chef by Master Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set review. The blade is solid, sturdy, and ideal for precise cutting. The quality of the material used also ensures complete protection against pitting and rust and a long life for the knives.

Full-steel non-slip surface handles

A good knife blade needs a good handle, and the handle used in this Top Chef by Master Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set is par excellence. It gives you a solid grip and ensures usage without any fear of slipping. A good grip, besides preventing a slip, facilitates precise cutting as you can easily apply the right amount of pressure while cutting.

An easy-to-use sharpening tool

Even the knives used by professional cooks lose some of their sharpness, and in this regard these knives are no different. What good is that this kitchen knife set with block comes with a sharpening tool. And what’s even better is that the sharpening tool brings back the razor-like sharpness in a trice.


Those who want look for combination of high quality and good price in their kitchen knife sets will be glad to know that this set costs just a shade above $100.

Minor Shortcomings

When used rigorously, the knives may lose sharpness fairly quickly. However, thanks to the included sharpening tool, this is not going to prove to be a problem. You can use the tool to sharpen any knife of the kitchen knife set quickly.


Top Chef by Master Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set is no run-of-the-mill knife set. It has enough punch in it to make a claim to the number one spot in this price range.