The Growing Demand for POD Coffee Makers

Pod coffee makers are in big demand right now and a few brands are dominating the market. Consumers are getting excited about their individual brewed cup and the market is answering their call.

The Keurig pod coffee maker seems to have overshadowed the other brands available by receiving the highest ranking of pod coffee makers. It has more than 6 different creative and popular options within the brand itself. Special features are the various size of water containers, the price of the unit itself and the size cup you can brew at one time.

The Growing Demand for POD Coffee Makers

The Growing Demand for POD Coffee Makers

The absolute neatest feature of the Keurig is that it has arranged with major coffee distributors to produce special K cups that are exclusive to the Keurig brand. This certainly gets the attention of consumers who are brand conscious and want to enjoy their favorite brew with the convenience on a single serve coffee maker. They have favorites such as Green Mountain, Timothy’s World, Diedrich Coffee Roasters, Newmans Own and others.

These brands command the attention of coffee drinkers and the marriage with the Keurig coffee maker enables the brand to be number one.

The next most popular brand is the Tassimo coffee maker. In features it is very much like the Keurig but does not have as many exclusive brand options available. However, Tassimo did manage to capture one segment of the market brand loyalty by getting Starbucks to market only through them.

Thus, the actual decision of which coffee maker has to be weighed with the functionality of the machine, how big you want your cup to be and what brand of coffee you want to fill that cup! There is no doubt consumers are going to continue to make coffee pods high demand items.

Who knows what additional ideas will make it into this exciting market in the future? At Coffee Pods Galore, we discuss everything related to coffee pods.