The Best Cast Iron Casserole | Top Cast Iron Review 2020

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Cast iron casserole dishes – buying guide, classification and tests in 2020

The traditional cast-iron casserole dish is making a comeback in every home. Using this utensil transports the whole family to a culinary experience that highlights the natural and authentic taste of food. We have Best Cast Iron Casserole reviews for you. The new versions have nothing to envy to the matrices of our grandmothers’ time. However, during the purchase, it is important to pay attention to the smallest detail: design and functionality of the device. At best, Le Creuset offers itself in enameled cast iron. Its handles are ergonomic and its capacity is 4.7 liters. Next to it is also the Staub 1102825 with its very resistant interior enameling. 

Recommended products

The versatility of the cast iron casseroles encourages fans of haute cuisine to use these types of pots. To choose among the different proposals on the market the product best suited to your convenience, here are the models not to be missed.

Le Creuset cast iron casserole dish

Le Creuset in enameled cast iron

Best Cast Iron Casserole


Known by all, this brand occupies the first rank internationally in terms of cooking pot. And all the great chefs choose it to guarantee the success of their works. Delivered in an average size of 4.7 L, this prototype is suitable for a family of 4 to 6 people.

In addition, this specimen was made in France. To offer a tool of good robustness and in the image of the best cast iron casserole dish of our grandmothers’ time, the company does not hesitate to pass the device under numerous control points during its design.

In addition, the product adapts to all types of fires and to different cooking modes. For this purpose, it is ideal for simmering and tenderizing meats, or simply for concocting a light dessert or starter. Also, its ergonomic handles make it easy to use.    

For the

Ideal cooking: The nature of this variation conditions a good distribution and progressive rise of heat over its entire surface. Thanks to this detail, it offers a better concentration of tastes and thus enhances the flavor of the dishes.

Solidity to the point: Combining traditional and modernity, this device has an enamel interior. This gives it high resistance to shocks and exposure to high temperatures.

The cons

Price Being able to be considered as the most efficient casserole dish on the market, the item comes at a high cost.  

Staub cast iron casserole dish 

Staub 1102825

The elegant design of this product has earned its success in many homes. This prototype is a rather affordable and cheaper alternative than the average. At the same time, it has the major advantages of a high-end item. Indeed, of French origin, this sign can reach the rank of the best brand of cast iron casseroles.

Thanks to a new generation cover, this specimen displays a large capacity for water retention. In this regard, the dishes remain watered during cooking. They simmer for hours without ever tying. There is no loss of aroma, which increases the final flavor of the dish. 

Each food used retains its nutritional value. In addition, its enamel interior makes meal preparation even easier. This amply explains why chefs around the world prefer to use this utensil.  

For the

Improved cover : The flat, contoured design of this part limits heat leakage and moisture evaporation. Using its latest peaks, water droplets are continuously distributed in the preparation. This allows permanent hydration of the mixture and optimal conservation of each aroma.

Quality materials : The enamel cast iron of this device promotes a uniform temperature dispersion. It also maintains freshness.

The cons

A valve problem : A consumer reports a concern about the lid closing.

Induction cast iron casserole dish

Sitram 711088  

Best Cast Iron Casserole

To find the answer to the question of how to buy a cast iron casserole dish with a better quality/price ratio, we turn your gaze to this model. It has the same high-end properties as its pairs but is available at a competitive price. This comparison places it in the category of products not to be missed.

Indeed, its steel button signals a secure aspect to the point. The risk of burns during preparation is reduced. Also, the article supports all types of cooking: whether it is an oven or a simple induction fire. Cast iron withstands intense heat and countless shocks. In this regard, there is no point in questioning the lifespan of this device.

In addition, the product offers optimal cooking that respects and keeps authentic the taste of each food. This becomes possible via the inner enamel of the pot which diffuses the heat slowly and evenly.    

For the

Wide adaptability: Indeed, the device is suitable for long-term preparation or for quick cooking of a few minutes. This tool is used for roasting, stewing, braising, or even steaming. It can also be used in the oven or on an induction fire.

Elegant : The design of this prototype charms at first glance. The red color of its exterior gives it style and aesthetics.

The cons

A massive accessory : This inexpensive reference still weighs quite heavy. This detail is problematic for some consumers. 

Enameled cast iron casserole dish

Virklyee round

The main advantage of this device is its high practicality. Indeed, in a round and elegant format, this model is suitable for multiple uses. It becomes essential in every household, being ideal for cooking rice, stews, roasts, starters, everyday dishes, pastries and even desserts.

In a dimension of 24 X 16 cm, with a capacity of 4.7 L, it is best for a family that counts in 4 to 5 members. The red and black cast iron cover simplifies the maintenance of this prototype. With such a coating, it only takes a few strokes of a sponge moistened with detergent and an additional rinse to refurbish this kind of pot. It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. 

In addition, this reference has a surface which provides good heat conductivity. Thus, a uniform temperature is obtained which extends over the entire internal facet of the utensil.

For the

Robust : Compared to its pairs, this variation also displays great solidity. The raw materials that compose it guarantee it an unlimited lifespan.

Versatile: This detail makes it essential in the kitchen. With a single accessory, you can prepare different kinds of food. Main courses, starters, and desserts remain in the spotlight. In addition, the article adapts to gas, induction hobs, and even the oven.

The cons

Heavyweight: As usual, specimens in this category remain largely massive because of the raw materials that make them up.

Cheap cast iron casserole dish

Argon Tableware AT-PP823

Best Cast Iron Casserole

Many people wonder where to buy the best cast iron casserole dish, what format to choose, or what budget to reserve for this acquisition. In this sense, the professionals in the matter encourage us to turn to a price comparator to provide us with the most suitable products. Among the offers, we have this model: the Argon Tableware AT-PP823.     

Ecological, this utensil displays great resistance. It also has good conductivity, which promotes ideal heat dispersion and rises during cooking. Thanks to this accessory, we obtain and benefit from a traditional preparation, rich in aroma and taste. Also, this type of pot keeps food warm or cool for a long time once the dish is ready. 

Its capacity is 3.5 liters and moreover, its use is not limited only to the oven, it is suitable for daily use on induction, gas, or electric hotplates.     

For the

A practical format: The fact that it is a round casserole allows different cooking. We don’t limit ourselves to simple preparation. You can simmer, braise, roast meats, and poultry.

Ergonomic and resistant handles: In order to ensure the quality of this utensil, its manufacturer prefers to use stainless steel to ensure a better life for the whole. 

The cons

Small: Despite its many logistical qualities and high practicality, it should still be noted that its capacity is reduced due to its size. 15 cm high with cover and 32 cm in diameter with the handles.

Invicta cast iron casserole dish

Invicta 30331

In an effort to find which is the best cast iron casserole on the market, many embark on the quest for the rare product. With this model from the Invicta brand, even novices in the kitchen will easily succeed and reproduce the good little dishes of their grandma. This accessory is essential to tenderize the meat and to simmer poultry and vegetables.

Its capacity is 6 L to allow you to feed 6 to 8 people at a time after each cooking. This tool has nothing to envy to its peers. It displays the properties and robustness identical to a major brand device. So, flowing at an average price, this item can go to everyone and even to chefs. Its enameled cast iron ensures a better distribution of heat. For this purpose, the cooking remains uniform.

In addition, the consumer has a choice between oval or round models. The former is better suited for processing meats and fish. On the other hand, circular casseroles are more practical.    

For the

Suitable for all fires: The pot fits properly in traditional ovens. But it also adapts to gas and induction hobs.

Easy to maintain: The bottom of the accessory does not stick. Food and fat are easily removed by cleaning with a sponge or dishwasher.

Good thermal inertia: The enameled cast iron of the device promotes the diffusion of heat and thus conditions optimal cooking.

The cons

Solid: On its dimensions of 38 x 26 x 16 cm, it weighs within 3 kg. This detail testifies to the solidity of the device, but in many cases, it becomes an annoyance for some.

Oval cast iron casserole dish

ProCook compatible induction

Best Cast Iron Casserole

In a red gradient tone, this model shows the brand’s concern for the design and aesthetics of its products. This company is on the market for utensils made under strict standards. The quality turns out to be perfect. Also, this pot promises optimal cooking at each of your meals.

Moreover, this is seen from the mechanism that governs the cover of the device. The latter displays great stability and has a continuous sprinkler system. The pins integrated inside the valve promote moisture retention. 

Thus, no leakage takes place at this level. And the steel buttons serve as protection against certain incidents. Practicality remains at the rendezvous, thanks to wide and ergonomic handles. And the risk of burns is reduced with these technologies. For this purpose, it is no longer worth asking where to buy a new cast iron casserole dish.

For the

A safe device: With its generous handles, we manage to easily transport the utensil from the kitchen to the dining room table. Also, the button on the top keeps the cover securely without having to injure yourself with the heat.

Enamel coating: This element provides optimal protection for the pot. It constitutes a healthy, hygienic, and neutral layer for the entire structure. It increases the resistance of the tool.

The cons

A fragile cast iron: Even after seasoning, the enamel of the handles ends up flaking off in several areas.

Small cast iron casserole dish

ProCook 2.7 L

By looking at it closely, you will see directly that it is a small model. From its 2.7 L, its use is suitable for couples or families made up of 3 people. Like its trademark, the cookware promises good cooking performance. Its properties condition a homogeneous and uniform propagation of heat. For this purpose, the food will be well cooked.

In addition, the product also deploys versatile functionality. It fits well on induction, electric, gas, and also in the oven. The cover withstands temperature of 260 ° C. Despite its small size, this copy has all the characteristics necessary to make it a reference item. Its robustness is confirmed by the nature of the raw materials that compose it. Also, its lifespan remains unlimited. You can pass this tool from generation to generation. 

For the

Good cooking: As promised by the brand, this utensil meets the requirements of certain consumers. It offers essential properties for preparations with tasty tastes.   

Appropriate cost: By discovering the characteristics of this article, the quality/price ratio is there. Not only does the casserole adapt to different types of fire, but it also shows good solidity, for such a reasonable amount.

The cons

Solid: Cast iron weights heavily and even if we are dealing with a small capacity device, we still note the significant weight of the product.

Unglazed cast iron casserole dish

Skeppshult 4L

Best Cast Iron Casserole

The product that lasts over time, you can pass this pot to your little girl later. Its ergonomics are suitable for everyday use and are ideal for different kinds of food. Not only will you cook your meals in a hygienic and ecological way, but you will also have an asset to succeed and to enhance the taste of your small dishes. Admittedly, the tool was designed without coating. However, this does not reduce its performance in properly preparing food. In addition, its capacity is 4 L and it remains practical since it is used on countless types of fire. Thanks to its cast iron cover, it is suitable for various kinds of cooking: stewed, braised, simmered.

Also, once the food is ready, there is no need to use a dish to serve the meal. This Dutch oven easily fits on the table, even if guests come to eat at your place.  

For the

Optimizes the flavors: As close as possible to traditional models, this utensil improves over time. With its properties, it manages to better concentrate the tastes of each food. Thus, the raw material that makes up the device can only be beneficial to your kitchen.

Comfort in use: Thanks to its ergonomic handles, the user is not likely to injure himself or burn himself by transporting the article from the fire to the table.

The cons

Sensitive to oxidation: The absence of enamel coating weakens this utensil on certain points. Thus, without the right maintenance and adequate gestures on a daily basis, it is exposed to rust.

How to choose a good cast iron casserole dish?

Insofar as one wishes to obtain a reference accessory and of superior quality, several criteria must be taken into account during the purchase. An old-fashioned pot will offer the authentic and nostalgic flavors of our childhood. However, today, new generations of cast iron casseroles are emerging. They combine modernity and know-how of yesteryear. 

Best Cast Iron Casserole

Purchase guide


In the perspective of not mistaking a model, it becomes imperative to know which cast iron casserole to choose. The many proposals on the market mislead many individuals. In this regard, we should not focus our research just on the external aspect of the prototype.

Indeed, the practicality of the tool depends on the size of the pot. So, before buying, it is reasonable to take stock of the item we need, its characteristics, and also our personal requirements.

Among the options available, there are oval specimens. The great gastronomic chefs request the use of these devices for their specific functions. Pots in this category are ideal for holidays when the whole family is entertained. They offer a larger capacity than their pairs. Also, they are suitable for working large pieces of meat. They become essential for roasting food in a traditional way. By adopting the right techniques, we manage to soften and make the most stubborn foods soft.

In addition, the round casseroles remain widely appreciated for everyday use. We love them for their practicality. Indeed, they are suitable for different preparations, and this, even for cooking rice, concocting a light dessert or a starter. This prototype finds its place and becomes essential for families who like to have fun with homemade meals.        


Of course, we are dealing with equipment that all looks like at first glance. However, it is important to take your time in analyzing the details to see whether or not the device matches the internal decoration of the kitchen.

Prototypes are normally available in different colors. So, if you want to add more fantasy in this room, you opt for the bright red of certain brands. There are also blue, mustard yellow, or gray models. In addition, other individuals like the classic and rather elegant products. For this purpose, the casseroles of black or mat shade can match them.  

In addition, these devices are no longer content to be kitchen instruments intended to concoct good rustic dishes. Today, at the heart of the trend, they appear as an essential decorative accessory in modern apartments and dwellings. As they fit on the dining table, do not hesitate to match them with your table service.


To define how to choose the best Cast iron casseroles of 2020, it seems thoughtful to take into account the number of members in the family. For optimal use of the utensil, the prototype must correspond to our specific needs and uses.

In this sense, it is a question of seizing the ideal product by first referring to its size. Indeed, if we cook regularly for a community of 4 to 5 people, the advice of professionals and chefs encourage us to turn exclusively to a round pot of medium capacity. We then need a prototype with a capacity of 4 L to 6 L.

In addition, for houses that love and keep receiving guests, a large casserole would be better. Grandmothers or moms who love to concoct generous, tasty dishes should get a good size product. In this case, oval format specimens would be more suitable.

Also, why not acquire both models at the same time? Thus, you will have a prototype for daily use and another for large family events, parties, and special occasions.    

Best Cast Iron Casserole

The price

We place this sensitive topic at the end of this buying guide for the best cast iron casseroles to help you define the budget necessary for this article. In general, the value varies from 50 euros to 300 euros. For reference brands, the minimum amount is around 150 euros.

Also, pay attention to the price differences between two models. A larger pot can cost 30 euros more than a small prototype.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to use a cast iron casserole dish the first time?

If you have just unpacked your purchase, carefully read the precautions for use of the utensil. You will find this information in the instructions.

If you do not have time for this, then know that you must boil water in the device the first time you use it. Do not rush to simmer the Sunday meal. Residues of chemicals can still settle inside. Thus, this gesture is the best way to sterilize your pot before using it daily.  

Q2: How do I clean a rusty cast iron casserole dish?

Ideally, use a mixture of baking soda and hot water. Do not immediately rinse the cookware. Take the time for the solution to work. This done, rub with a sponge to remove the rust.   

Q3: How to clean a burnt enameled cast iron casserole dish?

The enamel that adorns certain models offers optimal protection against melting. Thanks to this, the tool displays a higher resistance to oxidation for the simplicity of maintenance. To remove burn marks, always use hot water. Some people do not hesitate to boil liquid there to remove stubborn residue, without having to damage the quality of the coating.

Others use citric acid. Pour a few drops of this potion in the hollow of the pan and add a liter of boiling water. Let sit for a few minutes and rinse with warm water. Finally, dry the pot before putting it away. 

Q4: What if my cast iron casserole dish attaches?

Care should be taken to reduce the heat and ensure continuous hydration of the food during cooking to avoid sticking. Fat is also added to limit adhesions. Otherwise, simply clean the product thoroughly with warm water and a little detergent to remove the remains.

Q5: How to lute a cast iron casserole dish?

If you plan to lute a cast iron casserole dish, i.e. make it completely airtight for optimal cooking, the preparation of a neutral dough is essential. To do this, mix flour and water, as you would bread dough. Go to kneading and form a sausage that you will put around the casserole before placing the lid. Then apply light pressure. 

Q6: How to recover a burnt cast iron casserole dish?

To refurbish your item, use a little baking soda and hot water. Mix a few tablespoons of this chemical in a liter of water. Add this potion to the pan and let it sit overnight. In the early morning, you will notice that the bottom of your pot will have regained its original colors.

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