The 9 Best Kitchen Knives of 2020:Top Kitchen Knives

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Kitchen Knives – Buying Guide, Classification and Tests

Success in gastronomy depends on the choice of equipment. Even if you gifted, without the proper utensil, your efforts wasted. Thus, in terms of purchasing a kitchen knife, several criteria must be taken into account. Among the multitude of options, consider versatility, weight, and manufacturing material. To offer you the Best Kitchen Knives, first here is the Sky Light Japanese Santoku Professional Stainless Steel Carbon Knife. Many people value it for the nature of the blade which accelerates their preparations and which ensures their comfort during its use. We can also turn to the Adelmayer Ultra-sharp Damascus professional kitchen knife which comes with a 20 cm blade. It is appreciated for its aesthetics.   

The 9 Best Kitchen Knives (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

Japanese kitchen knife

1. Sky Light Japanese Santoku Knife Professional Stainless Steel Carbon

Best Kitchen Knives

Japanese chefs love this instrument. With an unusual appearance, this tool is practical on many points. Its blade is available in an exclusive design.

It is adorned with air pockets that span the entire length. These details allow food to be easily removed from the structure. For this purpose, this accessory can be used to mincemeat, slice or mince fruits and vegetables.

In addition, this model was designed from stainless steel. This material has a high German carbon content. With a hardness of 56 to 58, the instrument is revealed as a high end kitchen knife.

This explains its place at the level of this price comparator. Thus, it does not wear out conveniently and displays high resistance to rust and stains. Regarding its properties, it invariably answers the question which is the best kitchen knife on the market.

  • Facilitates cutting: Its blade designed insides at an angle of 15 °, with profiles adorned by hollow air pockets, is suitable for processing various foods. These features simplify the job of the cook. Thus, even non-professionals manage to obtain uniform slices and strips.

  • Optimal grip: The nature of its non-slip ABS handle makes it easy to use. You have no chance of making false movements with it.

  • Beware of the blade: This instrument has very sharp edges. Thus, its handling must be carried out with caution in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

2. Adelmayer Professional Damascus Ultra Sharp Kitchen Knife

Best Kitchen Knives

Choosing for Best Kitchen Knives is not so hard. With an extraordinary design, yet attractive, this utensil appeals to people. Its blade with unusual gaits guarantees its aesthetics but also promises wide practicality. It turns out to be very sharp. With a length of 20 cm, it can be used on various foods, be it meat or fruit and vegetables.

With its ergonomic handle, the tool offers a good grip. Thus, there is no risk of it slipping through our fingers. This greatly facilitates cutting and increases the precision in each gesture. In view of all these facts, some people rank it in the same rank as the most efficient kitchen knife in its range. Buying it becomes essential for most enthusiasts.

In addition, when it comes to robustness, there is nothing to complain about. So the blade has been forged from countless layers of stainless steel, 67 sheets covering a VG 10 steel core, which is expected to last a good time.

  • Aesthetics: We are dealing with a nice product, with a walnut handle and suede canvas, as well as a blade decorated with a captivating pattern. This tool does not leave prospects unmoved and stirs their lust.

  • Functional: Its advantage is not only a beautiful design. The instrument is also useful for processing, slicing, chopping, and mincing foods of all kinds. Thus, we benefit from an article which “goes to all fronts”.

  • Expensive: This is the point that stands in the way of the majority of people. Not everyone can afford it, this item is so expensive.

Sabatier kitchen knife

3. Lion Sabatier 711280 Ideal Forged Kitchen Knife

Best Kitchen Knives

Catering professionals advise the purchase of this type of instrument as the first kitchen utensil. It is its versatility and practicality that makes it essential in every home.

It is indeed a common model of the chef’s knife. Its appearance provides it with a strong ability to slice, chop, mince, or even break up food. Its 15 cm blade is suitable for processing multiple foods. With its ergonomic polymer handle, the product fits well between the fingers. Its stainless steel cutter has been forged with the greatest care.

In reality, we are dealing with a French-made product. It is revealed to respect the standards and expectations of many people. Thus, it can match those who are looking for how to choose the best kitchen knife of 2020. Also, considering the brand to which it belongs, one cannot deny the superior quality of the article.   

  • The value of the brand: Indeed, this house is in the rank of giants in this sphere. It is recognized in several countries, including France, as the best brand of kitchen knives. It translates as a benchmark we can trust.

  • High practicality: We can easily discern the high-end quality of this product thanks to its finishes and its ease of use. From the top of its 15 cm long, it benefits from a precise and robust cutting edge, suitable for chopping, tapering, and delicately cutting dishes.

  • Quite a high price: You could say that it is not the cheapest knife on the market.

Kitchen knife case for apprentice

4. Sabatier Malette of the cook 5 professional French knives

Best Kitchen Knives

Once again, this brand seduces us with a new version of cutlery. With this lot of 5 utensils, we no longer have to look elsewhere.

You will find in a single purchase the essentials that you need to run the pot. We then have a 20 cm chef’s knife, a 20 cm carving knife, another 18 cm sole fillet model, a 12 cm boning device, and lastly, a specimen of ‘office 10 cm.

Everything is stored in a black nylon case which is easy to transport. Inside are 5 compartments that allow you to safely store accessories. This complete range corresponds to those who wonder how to buy a kitchen knife with a better value for money. 

  • Confirmed reliability: These tools have cutting edges made of X45CrMoV14 stainless steel. This material has a high resistance to impact and corrosion. The sleeves are made from black POM solidified by rivets.

  • Easy maintenance: The nature of the blade greatly facilitates the way of sharpening knives. To extend their lifespan, it is enough to clean it by hand, using a sponge soaked in detergent. It is quickly dried with a cloth to ensure the quality of its edge.

  • Light: After the test, a customer reports his dissatisfaction with the featherweight of the article. This detail makes him question the lifespan of the utensil.


Professional kitchen knife case

5. Yarenh 5 Pieces Set Professional Kitchen Knife in Steel

Best Kitchen Knives

This batch of 5 pieces of cutlery delivered in a briefcase does not leave professionals of fine dining unmoved. This richly provided set gives the choice to all passionate about the culinary art on the best instrument to deploy for each type of preparation.

Damascus steel has a high reputation. Solid and invariable, this material resists time and shock. Of Japanese origin, this kit including perhaps the best kitchen knife you will find promises precision in cuts.

The wooden handles emphasize the ergonomic side of the items and provide ample grip. These details also enhance the design of the products. In addition to these points, the utensils are arranged in a practical and neat box. In this regard, we do not hesitate to offer this equipment to those who wonder where to buy a new kitchen knife. This lot does not fail to satisfy them.

  • A complete set: In this lot, there are five essential variations in the practice of cooking including a chef’s knife of 20 cm, a Santoku of 17 cm, a copy of Nakiri of 17 cm and a universal specimen of 12 cm.

  • Simple to use : It is this detail that distinguishes the Damascus models. Thanks to their cutting edge, little force is used during the cuts. Also, with its ergonomic handles, people benefit from a good grip.

  • Expensive: It is logical by reconsidering the nature of the raw materials and the technique used in the design of these utensils.


Kitchen knife set

6. Homgeek Kitchen Knife 15 Pieces Set Kitchen Knives

Best Kitchen Knives

This offer greatly exceeds customer expectations, hence its place in the comparison. The brand does not skimp on efforts to satisfy its loyal customers. She does not hesitate to put within their reach a set consisting of 15 pieces of knives. Thus, we are dealing with a complete kit. We find in a single package all the elements we need to refine our dishes.

The Pakkawood knife block holds each device in place and provides excellent storage for the 15 accessories. These do not clutter the room and remain discreet, but at the same time aesthetic.

The set is available in rust-proof copper with stainless steel blades with high carbon content. Its bolsters promise great stability and optimal comfort in use. In reality, it is a German brand that confirms the durability of its utensils with an extended warranty.

  • A complete set: The kit includes 15 accessories including a wooden block, chef’s knife, a meat and bread model of 8 ”, a Santoku of 7 ”, a utility copy of 5 ”, another to peel measuring 3.5 ” and 6 steak devices, and poultry shears.

  • Good support: Thanks to the nature of the handles, the user benefits from advanced and inexpensive equipment which greatly simplifies use. These utensils are stable and offer precision in our cutting movements.

  • Traces on the metal and the support: This is the small flat that brings us a follower of this product. But apparently, this problem is not a problem for him.


Opinel kitchen knife

7. Opinel Box of 2 Paring Knives N ° 112 Natural

Best Kitchen Knives

All over the reviews, it is also Best Kitchen Knives from all of them. To increase its prestige with customers, the manufacturer of this tool offers an unstoppable marketing idea: two knives for the price of one. If you are dealing with several in the kitchen, this duo will be very useful.

The smooth and extremely thin blades have been designed to multi-task. Thus, we can peel, slice, and mince food with the greatest ease. Due to their size, these utensils take up less space in the kitchen, or in your case in the case of kitchen professionals.

The stainless steel blades remain effective over time and do not require major maintenance. So you don’t have to sharpen them frequently, for those who don’t know it. The varnished sleeves do not stain easily and regain their shine after a few sponges.

  • Holds its role well: The instrument takes care of several missions at the same time and remains present in each stage of the preparation.

  • Simple to maintain: It is one of the benefits of turning to a stainless steel model. Apart from its ease of use thanks to its design and its ergonomics, we also take advantage of its convenience of cleaning and storage.

  • Precarious handle: Some people consider it a little too fragile and fear that it will wear out quickly if you press too hard each time.

Laguiole kitchen knife

8. Laguiole Bloc 5 Magnetic kitchen knives from Laguiole

Best Kitchen Knives

This instrument is distinguished from its pairs by a unique characteristic. Indeed, it is a lot of that contains 5 knives of different sizes. They are maintained on a magnetic block that is both aesthetic and practical. Thus, for multiple uses, this kit proves to be versatile and is welcome in all kitchens. It does not clutter the place and remains design and stylish.

The blades, made of stainless steel, benefit from the major advantages of this type of material, in particular its resistance, but also its ease of maintenance. These instruments correspond to the expectations of professionals who wish to keep their knives operational for years.

In addition, the Laguiole brand proves to be one of the leaders in the design and sale of kitchen items. The proof, on the place which remains on the support one, sticks other utensils without worries like corkscrews, forks, or small spoons. Also, you can rely on it to find where to buy the best kitchen knife.

  • Affordable price: For a branded device and for a lot of 5 pieces, you could not find better elsewhere in terms of cost. Its affordable price encourages the majority of customers to focus on this copy.

  • Ideal for pros and amateurs: The article is suitable for everyone, whether a restaurant expert or a fan of homemade cuisine. The manufacturer leaves an attractive, multivalent, and effective tool at our fingertips.

  • Sleeve shape not to everyone’s taste: Those with large hands find that they lack a few inches.

Damascus kitchen knife

9. Aroma House Damascus Chef Knife, Honeycomb Blade

Best Kitchen Knives

Damascus seduces cooks thanks to their unusual design. These utensils are designed with care and using a well-developed technique.

The manufacturers of these blades master an exact and complex science, the basis of which is based on the superposition of several layers of carbon steels. In the end, the instrument then has 58 – 60 RHCs like this. This detail gives it high strength and unsurpassed durability.

Here we are dealing with a versatile tool. With its 20 cm blade, it can process all kinds of culinary specialties. It is used for cutting, slicing, or chopping. It is used in all circumstances.

Also, those still looking for which Best Kitchen Knives to choose can turn to this model. Compared to other utensils in its category, its versatility is one of its major advantages.

  • Good support: Thanks to its ergonomic handles, it promises an optimal grip. Thus, its purchaser has no difficulty using it on any food. Its triple riveting translates as an effective way of fixing in place the blade of the knife for more safety in use.

  • Resistant and aesthetic: The cells that cover the entire structure are an excellent decorative element for this type of accessory. They also play an important role in terms of practicality and robustness.

  • Exorbitant price: Like any Damascus tool, the price is a little higher than the average. This is explained by the quality of the materials and the treatments received during design.

Purchase guide

Understanding why one tool is better than another is not easy, or why there is so much difference in price and where to turn. Doubt persists if we do not dwell on the essential characteristics of good kitchen knives.

Declinations on the market

In reality, there are countless kinds of knives. To make it short, here are the details of the most common models. Any good chef, apprentice or just cooking enthusiasts must know the following tools: the chef’s knife, the paring knife, the universal knife, bread, steak, tenderloin, boning, cutting, Sushi, vegetables, cheese, pastry, butcher leaf, Santoku, and Mezzaluna.

Each of these models has a very distinctive role. The one that remains essential in the kitchen is the chef’s copy or the Santoku. Also, during your first purchases, favor these options. Second, do not hesitate to turn to small instruments to treat delicate products such as peppers or tomatoes.

In another measure, there is also the knife set. It is a package that offers in a single article a lot of 5 pieces. We find to purchase the necessary materials in the kitchen. In reality, we discover in this range a chef’s knife, a santoku, a universal model, a small kitchen knife, and a fillet or boning copy.

The components of each kit depend on the brand. But, in general, we are satisfied with the pack. With these offers, we also benefit from a case or a pretty storage box which is used to classify and transport everything.

Blade materials

In order to find the most suitable product, your attention must also be focused on the raw materials used when designing the device. The quality of the article varies according to its components. In general, the blades are all revealed in steel. But, again, there are multiple variations. This buying guide for the best kitchen knives explains it in detail.

Carbon steels: these were forged from pure iron reduced to crystals. The artist places a few carbon touches in the middle of all these bodies. Thus, a good dosage of carbon in the blade promotes its resistance. You should know that the more carbon there is in the structure, the harder it becomes. Thinner tools are obtained from all other blade models. They then have a very pronounced and well-sharpened cutting edge. This makes it easier to slice food. However, we note their vulnerability. They are only moderately resistant to corrosion and breakage.

Stainless steel: many of us cannot tell the difference between these two accessories. With this second variation, we find a lot of chrome married to iron. When the chromium concentration reaches 16%, the stainless steel blade displays greater resistance to humidity. The only downside is at the cutting edge. It becomes complex to obtain a refined and regular cut.        

Damascus steel: to design it, artisans play with multiple layers of hard and soft steel. This leads to flexible, aesthetic, and robust slats at the same time.  

In addition, there are ceramic models. They are just as stubborn and often take more than a year to show flaws. We cut and slice with, only be careful not to use them on a glass, stone, or marble board, as this would wear them out quickly.

Versatility, handle and maintenance mode

The advice of the pros encourages amateurs to turn to a single model: that of the chef’s knife. Indeed, this tool revealed as essential in the kitchen. If you do not have time to discover the many variations on the market, you just have to trust this accessory. It provides the practicality necessary to work with all kinds of food. Plurivalent, it used in many treatments. It can use to chop, mince and dice fruits and vegetables, but also meats.

In any case, the main thing is to always look for comfort in the handle or the shape of the utensil. Also this part is often designed in wood (varnished, treated, or not) and may or may not have rivets depending on the model and brand. Also most knives today go through the dishwasher, making it easier for homeowners. 

Some, in untreated steel, require that they often wiped with a cloth to preserve them from humidity. Pay attention to all these details. To this end, we advise you to focus on your culinary habits. Some people cook fish or meat over time. Though others are more vegan and limited to fruits and vegetables. In this situation, it is best to turn to the model most suitable for your lifestyle.

frequently asked Questions

Q1: How to hold a kitchen knife?

The safest way is to squeeze the handle between your fingers and at the heart of the hand. Also, we then perform a movement from top to bottom by leaning on the palm in order to protect ourselves from injuries and to obtain more power in its cutting. It is better to favor the use of a wooden or plastic board.    

Q2: How do I sharpen a kitchen knife?

To maintain the sharpness of your utensil, sharpening becomes essential as soon as you feel resistance to fruits, meat, or vegetables that used to “tender”. This is the most efficient way to maintain these instruments. The tool used to perform this task must correspond to the nature of the blade. If you make a mistake in this exercise. Also, you risk damaging the equipment. On the market, there are a few devices for sharpening knives, namely:

– The whetstone         

This tool may be the best option for treating all types of blades. As it comes in countless formats, the user spoiled for choice. It revealed with different kinds of grains, from the most abrasive to the softest. Promises perfect sharpening, the result is lasting and satisfying. It does not wear the blade and helps to taper it perfectly.

– Manual sharpening         

For choosing from the Best Kitchen Knives. It is the easiest and most practical solution. It is suitable for those who do not want to worry or bother about complex things. Just insert the knife into the preset slot and refurbish it in several passes and a few hand movements. The device is simple and quick to use. However, it does not adapt to all types of knives. For example. Also, you cannot treat Japanese models with this instrument. And the result remains a summary.

– Electric sharpener         

This device works in the same way as the hand tool. The only difference is in the engine. It costs more but gives more insurance to people who are the least talented in sharpening and who are afraid of going wrong.

– The sharpening steel         

This the traditional method used by professionals in gastronomy. In a few passages, you left with a sharp, ready-to-use edge. And also, this instrument is easy to store. The only concern with this piece lies in its ineffectiveness against old products that no longer cut. Indeed, this technique does not allow to restore the thread of the damaged blade.    

Q3: For a good kitchen knife: which material to choose?

The answer to this question remains vague. It just depends on the consumer’s desires and expectations. Several basic components exist, starting with ceramics. Utensils in this category display great resistance and unstoppable robustness. Also for Best kitchen knives, Their only problem is their price. It is an essential instrument for cutting fruits and vegetables, for processing already boned meats, fish fillets, and cold meats. But the solidity of these blades shows their limit. They do not support twisting from left to right or vice versa.

In addition, there are also models in carbon steel or stainless steel. Also depending on the proportions of these elements, they more or less tolerate exposure to humidity and friction. This family remains affordable for the greatest number. W think that you can find Best Kitchen Knives from our reviews.

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