The 5 Best Electric Knives of 2020

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Electric knives: reviews and comparison of the best models

Electric knives utensils that allow you to easily cut your meat or bread slices into regular portions depending on the variety of cuts you are looking for. So, to avoid spending your money unnecessarily on products that are not worth it, we invite you to take into account the power of the electric knife, the dimensions of the device, but also its ease of washing. If you only have a short time to browse the top and Best Electric Knives products in our buying guide, then why not choose between the 2 options we offer in this short introduction? Many have tried the Seb 852301and who have convinced by its efficiency, its quality blades, and its level of security which promotes peace of mind. As for Princess 492952, it is a popular alternative for its ergonomics, its set of blades.

Buying guide – How to choose a good electric knife?

Indispensable in any modern kitchen, the electric knife is useful both for everyday life and when you receive people at home. To know precisely which the best electric knife adapted to your needs, we invite you to read the comparison below. You will discover the main criteria that will help you know how to buy an electric knife with better value for money. 

The power 

If the design is indeed important, our price comparison invites you to study one of the very first criteria which should guide your choice and which is none other than the power of the device.

Indeed, it determines the ability of the electric knife to cut all kinds of food, from frozen food to bread and roasts. Depending on the models and brands, this power can vary between 100 and 180 W. Among the advice we offer you is to choose a knife powerful enough to come to grips with all kinds of food, from the most tender to the hardest, without you having to make the slightest effort.

Indeed, if one day you have to cut a frozen food like a fish or meat, but your electric knife is of weak power, it can happen that this one does not manage to cut the food or that you have to lose a lot of time to get there. Of course, high power usually involves energy consumption, but since you only use your electric knife for a short period of time, your electric bill is not going to go over the top for that reason.

Dimensions of the device

To find out which is the best electric knife on the market, you should also look at the dimensions of the device you wish to acquire. Our advice? Your knife should be easy to handle, without bothering you while handling it. This will bring more precision to your gestures and at the same time will prevent accidents.

The length of the electric knife as well as its width and height must in no case cause discomfort when you handle your device. At the same time, make sure of the ergonomics of your knife. The design and all functions must be close at hand to allow easy handling. You can try the device to see if its ergonomics really meets your expectations or if you experience any difficulty in using it.

Best Electric Knives

Ease of washing 

Before buying the cheap electric knife that makes you fall in love, it is important to look at our buying guide for the best electric knives as well as the criterion which concerns the ease of washing. Indeed, if it is interesting to have a knife with two blades to be able to cut different kinds of food, washing should not become a chore for you by forcing you to wash everything by hand. You must, therefore, ensure that the knife and the blades are machine washable, which could make your life considerably easier.

To remove or change the blade during washing, it is preferable that your electric knife has an automatic blade ejection system. This greatly improves your safety and helps prevent accidents. Once you satisfied with these 3 primary criteria, you can look for the store where to buy a new electric knife.

The 5 Best Electric Knives (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

A powerful electric knife allows you to perform various tasks without having to make a lot of effort. However, when buying this product, to have a model that can be described as performing, it is often necessary to make a little investment.

1. Seb 852301 Prep’Line Electric Knife Blades

Main advantage

The Seb 852301 electric knife is extremely effective. Its sharp blades cut many foods with ease. This model is foolproof for cutting frozen products.

Main drawback

The SEB brand should have put a little more power. This 100 watts electric knife has a hard time cutting out some solid food.    

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

SEB has once again shown its legendary know-how through this excellent quality product. Such an efficient electric knife is worth the maximum mark, but since there are details to be improved, it will have a 9.7 out of 10.  

Main Features Explained

Foolproof efficiency

Developing a power of 100 watts, the small motor of this device makes it suitable for cutting everything. This electric knife can trace a good roast straight out of the oven. He will have no trouble doing the same for raw fish, bread, or other food. Thanks to this device, preparing the meal will become a breeze. Each time, the cut will be flawless. It is difficult to make perfectly square dice with a classic knife.

The meat cubes will be easy to make thanks to this high quality kitchen equipment. The cut of country bread will be perfectly straight. The same is possible for vegetables, cheese, and other ingredients. Anyone who likes to cook with ease will appreciate the efficiency of this versatile appliance.

Best Electric Knives

A versatile double blade

Like most electric knives, this model also has two blades. They easily ejected for cleaning. It would be a shame to have a frozen chicken smell on the bread. As such, the second blade of this device has specially designed for cutting products from the frozen section.

Thanks to this accessory, preparing the fish or refining the meat will be a pleasure. Indeed, when a frozen product has immersed in water at room temperature to remove the ice, the food becomes soft. It will even be difficult to cut it correctly. From now on, this little annoyance will be a thing of the past with the presence of Seb 852301 among kitchen utensils. In addition, the blades do not require any particular maintenance, they self sharpened.

Optimal ergonomics and safety

With its small rounded motor and lightweight, Seb 852301 is particularly handy. It can handled without any effort. The user will hardly have to adjust his cut, the blades will take care of the rest. This electric knife plugs into a power outlet. Indicator light indicates when it energized.

The manipulator will take care to disconnect it after each use. Either way, you will need to press a button to operate this device. Accidents may be inevitable, but they will be rare with this machine. As far as possible, such a device should not be within the reach of children. In terms of storage, the 852301 models will require a very small place in the kitchen cupboards.

2. Princess 492952 Electric knife Ergonomic handle

Princess 492952 is a very practical model of electric knife that allows you to perform a large number of tasks without having to make a lot of effort. The appliance has a power of 180W which is large enough to cut both tender foods and frozen products.

The dimensions of this electric knife include 27cm in length, 18cm in width, and 8cm in height indicating that it is compact and easy to handle. The device also comes with two different blades including a universal blade and a special frozen blade. This optimizes your comfort by using the device without having to make an effort to push it in regardless of the type of product to be cut. This model has a rotating rubber handle that allows you to easily hold the set whether you are a left-handed or right-handed person.

The Princess 492952 blades are made of stainless steel to ensure long-term use. Its storage system is very practical to prevent it from cluttering you up after you use it more or when you are going to bring it with you during a trip. After the model previously described, this product is also to be included in your comparison of electric knives if you establish one to find the one that suits you.

Acquiring the product from one of the best brands of electric knives is often a safe investment. This trend is confirmed if we take into account the Princess 492952. With an innovative rotary handle system and delivered with 2 sets of blades, this model should most likely suit you.

  • Ergonomics: The device has been designed to suit a maximum of users. Thus, its design is suitable for both a right-handed and left-handed person. For comfort, it is equipped with a rubber handle whose patented rotary system.
  • Set of blades: In order to be as practical as possible, this model comes with a set of universal knives and a set of knives for frozen products.
  • Design: Apart from the rotary handle which has received many positive opinions, the public also appreciated the silver finish of this electric knife, which gives it a very modern touch.
  • Power cord length: According to some customers, its length is not sufficient, requiring its user to stay near an electrical outlet, or to use an extension cord.

3. Moulinex DJAC41 Secanto Electric Knife Blades

Moulinex DJAC41 is a model of the electric knife that is also simple to use and is very practical for cutting different kinds of foods. This model has a power of 100W to cut both soft and stiff foods without having to push it in with your force.

The knife comes with two blades so you can use it to cut different types of food. One of these blades has been specially designed to cut frozen products so that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into processing them. This model comes with an automatic blade ejection system to optimize your safety every time you use it. This electric knife also has a self-sharpening system which guarantees that its blades are always perfectly sharp. This allows you to always have regular cuts regardless of the type of product to be cut.

The dimensions of Moulinex DJAC41 include 30cm in length, 13.6cm in width, and 8.6cm in height indicating its compactness and ease of handling. Besides, the device comes with a storage bag so that you can easily store it after use. After the first two models, Moulinex DJAC41 is also the best cheap electric knife on the market.

Which electric knife to choose? What are the characteristics to take into account? We advise you to take a model with several useful functions. This is precisely the case with the Moulinex DJAC41 with its self-sharpening blades and its ejection button.

  • Multiple functions: The self-sharpening function allows the blades to maintain maximum efficiency even after several uses. And for added safety, these blades can be ejected from the device just by pressing a button.
  • Storage bag: This accessory is very practical in order to avoid scattering the different accessories of the kit, and thus limiting the bulk.
  • Power button: Admittedly, this is a good safety measure, but however, it would be quite hard to maintain, and could therefore become a little tiring in the long run.

4. Electric knife EM-2100 Tristar Two knives

Best Electric Knives

Tristar EM-2100 is a model of electric knife with an ergonomic design. And very practical to use for treating different types of food. The device has a power of 150W in order to allow you. To always cut with precision whether the products to be treated are tender or rigid.

The blades of this model are made of durable and well-sharpened stainless steel. So that you can use the device without any effort. The body of this electric knife is made of easy-to-handle plastic for more comfortable use. The device is accompanied by an automatic blade ejection function. So that you are not exposed to any risk of cutting yourself with each manipulation. In addition, this model comes with a protective cover. For the blades always in order to optimize your safety when you handle them.

The blades of Tristar EM-2100 are compatible with the dishwasher so that you do not have to wash them with your hands after each use. The dimensions of the device include 31.4cm in length, 7.6cm in width, and 7cm in height to give you an idea of ​​how easy it is to handle. After the first 3 models described above, this product could be an answer to your questions if you are currently wondering which is the best electric knife on the market or which electric knife to buy.

Before you start buying an electric knife, it is strongly advised to compare the different models offered on the market. You can then come across devices at good prices like this Tristar EM-2100.

  • Value for money: Given its low price, we can say that its performance is quite acceptable. Like what, buying a cheaper device can sometimes be a good deal.
  • Safety: An electric knife can be dangerous if care is not taken when using it. The safety button on the Tristar EM-2100 will effectively minimize the risk of accident.
  • Power: According to some customers, the 150 W of power announced is not sufficient, or not efficient enough on certain types of meat.

5. Kenwood KN650 Plastic Electric Knife

Best Electric Knives

Kenwood KN 640 is a model of the electric knife which comes last compared to the first 4 products but which is practical enough to allow you to cut different kinds of products without making much effort. The device also has a power of 100W to allow you to process both tender and stiff products.

The device also comes with two blades to optimize your comfort of using the knife for different types of foods to cut. The shape of the handle of this model facilitates its grip so that you can use it in the maximum comfort possible. The entire device weighs only 798 grams, allowing you to easily handle it and limiting the effort you would need to ensure that each cut is regular.

The dimensions of Kenwood KN 640 include 27.2cm in length, 11cm in width, and 8.8cm in height. These measurements indicate that the device is compact and therefore easy to handle and remains less bulky when you store it after each use. After the first 4 products described above, by the characteristics of this model, it could alternatively constitute the best professional electric knife on the market.

The Kenwood KN 650 is included in many rankings of the best electric knives of the moment. The public particularly appreciated the fact that it comes with two sets of blades.

  • Blades: It comes with 2 sets of stainless steel blades which have the particularity of being self-sharpening. Thus, they will always keep maximum efficiency.
  • Safety: In order to avoid cutting your fingers when changing the blades, the device has an eject button. The replacement will be done safely.
  • Safety: In order to avoid cutting your fingers when changing the blades, the device has an eject button. The replacement will be done safely.

Seb 852301

How to choose the best model among the best electric knives of 2020? This is the question which Seb 852301 intends to answer. It is a model of electric knife with compact, powerful design, to allow you to cut very varied objects, and easy to handle. The device has a power of 100W to allow you to cut both roasts and slices of bread as well as frozen fish. The knife has two blades to allow you to cut different types of food from the most tender to the stiffest.

The blades of this knife are made of stainless steel for impeccable sharpening quality so that you can use the device without any effort whatever the type of food to be cut. The device has a system that automatically ejects the blades from the knife so that you do not have to handle them with your hands when you are going to move from one blade to another or when you are going to store the whole.

Seb 852301 is accompanied by an indicator light to indicate that the device is on. With just one button you can switch on the device and get to work immediately. This ease of handling optimizes your comfort in using the device. We consider this model to be the best electric knife on the market.

More than once you have found yourself in difficulty in slicing frozen meats, suddenly, you have repeatedly wondered where to buy the best electric knife? Do not hesitate any longer and take the plunge! With a quality device like this Seb 852301 with a power of 100 W, the preparation of your dishes will be much simplified.

  • Efficient: This tool will allow you to slice many types of food efficiently and effortlessly, from frozen fish (thanks to a blade specially dedicated for the occasion) to roasts and country breads.
  • Quality blades: The appliance is delivered with 2 sets of blades: the first is a “classic” blade, and the second has been specially designed for cutting frozen food. Another particularity of these blades: they are made of stainless steel and self-sharpening. Thus, each blade will remain as efficient as possible.
  • Safety: An electric knife could potentially be a dangerous tool. Using it therefore requires a minimum of attention. To avoid any accidental accident, this model is equipped with an indicator light which lights up when the device is switched on.
  • Ergonomic: Light and easy to handle, you will have no trouble controlling it, and you will be able to make sharp and precise cuts of your food.
  • Power: According to the tests of the public, in front of food with too firm consistency, the power of 100 W of Seb could be a little limited, sometimes obliging to go back on its cutting before having a result.
How to use an electric knife?

The electric knife is a kitchen utensil that allows you to cut food quickly and evenly. It might as well find its use in homes or larger professional restaurants. In addition, you will need to follow a few instructions to fully understand how it works.

Best Electric Knives

Start by installing the boards

Before installing the blades, make sure that the equipment is not connected. To install them, take them sharp through their non-cutting sides. So as not to injure yourself and insert them on the device. Note that you can hang two blades at the same time.

Prefer the models accompanied by two sets of blades. To be able to perfectly cut frozen foods than the most tender. You can also go from one sharp to another.

Connect the appliance to start it up

To operate it, you must plug in the equipment. It is ready for use when the indicator light activates. Then simply place the appliance on the food to be cut. Go back and forth for more solid foods like frozen products. Above all, be careful not to touch the blades in action.

Limit its start-up

To optimize the rendering as well as ensure good longevity of your device. It is recommended to use it only for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. Thereafter, it is recommended to allow it to cool in the ambient air before you use it again.

Beware of too hard food

Although the electric knife makes the task easier for any type of food. Some are however prohibited, in particular kernels which could damage its functioning.

Keep the wire or cord away from damp places

For your safety when using the appliance, it is important not to put the cord near water or damp places. Also, avoid using the knife under an open tap. Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock. Also, it is strongly advised not to use a damaged plug.

Keep the device away from children

The knife is a dangerous device for children. When using it, it is essential to keep children away. Do not let them come near the equipment. When you no longer use it, store it so that children cannot find it.

Unplug the appliance before cleaning it

For extra precautions, avoid washing the knife while it is still plugged in. Otherwise, possible damage may occur.

Remember to clean the blades after each use

It is necessary to wash the cutting edges after you have finished cutting food. To do this, first, remove the blades from the device. Most models have an automatic ejection system to remove them. Clean them with soap and water. Wipe them before putting them away to extend their life expectancy. You can also use the dishwasher to do this.

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