The 4 Best Electric Woks of 2020

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Electric Wok: Reviews and Comparison of the Best Models

After the quality of the ingredients, the quality of the utensils is responsible for the success of a recipe. When you are about to buy the best electric woks, you should, therefore, keep in mind that if the model of your choice is not of good quality, your dishes may suffer severely. The first in the list is the Tefal WO 300010. Equipped with a thermoset, it is easier to use. The cooking temperature can adjust as required. Its glass cover allows optimal monitoring of the preparation. Second is the Lagrange 349006. 2 in 1, it consists of a wok and a fondue maker. Its thermostat is also adjustable. It comes with all the accessories necessary for its use.

Buying Guide – How to Choose a best Electric Woks

We no longer doubt the benefits of cooking in the wok today and this kitchen utensil has been accessible to individuals for several years. So if you want to get a good deal on this, you need to learn how to buy better value for money the best electric woks. This buying guide for the best electric woks has developed to enlighten you a little.

Best Electric Woks

Power and versatility

Our very first advice if you seriously want to make a good purchase would be to pay attention to the power and the versatility of the device. Generally, the power of the best electric woks is between 500W and 2500W and a powerful model is likely to be versatile. However, know that an electric wok with power between 750W and 2000W is already satisfactory for domestic use although it would be more interesting to opt for a model with thermostat and which will allow you to do other things.

In addition, a versatile best electric woks can help you steam, fondue, and even grill. Note however that it can be a tray that can contain several woks or a base delivered with a wok and several accessories. So opt for a versatile model if the idea of being able to carry out several kinds of cooking appeals to you. Do not forget to check the capacity of the wok, especially if you used to receive guests or if you have a large family.

When you focused on the power and versatility of the wok that suits you, you will have no trouble finding the best wok that suits you.

Getting started and accessories

Having an electric wok that you can easily take in hand is essential, especially if you are new to this field or if you want to avoid all kinds of accidents. So, if you want to have an electric wok that will not a problem for you, always check that the model you like is equipped with handles, as they will protect you from heat and possible accidents.

In addition, opting for a wok that comes with a lid is also a good idea to avoid splashing and to allow your food to cook quickly. Similarly, an electric wok delivered with a spatula, a grill, or an accessory for steaming in this way, you will not have to make any additional expenditure for these accessories and you can quietly use your electric utensil.

Best Electric Woks

Maintenance and storage

The last points to check before going to a price comparison to determine where to buy a new electric wok are a maintenance and storage.

Know therefore that a ceramic, cast iron, or non-stick wok validated by health authorities is easier to clean and keeps well over time. On the other hand, it may be that stainless steel and steel burn your food even if it is currently easy to clean and keep it at home. As for storage, it goes without saying that if you have little space at home, opting for a detachable and fairly compact model would be a good idea. On the other hand, if you have space, all the models will suit you, provided that they meet your real needs.

The 4 Best Electric Woks (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

An electric wok can be made of various materials and have a different design from one model to another. The model to choose is that made of resistant materials and whose aesthetic side is refined. But to do this, it is always necessary to invest in its purchase.

1. Lagrange 349006 Wok & Classic Fondue Handles

Best Electric Woks

Main advantage

Thanks to an adjustable thermostat, this electric wok performs several functions. It can notably be grilled, cooked or kept warm. This makes it a handy device for everyday use.

Main drawback

Its too imposing dimensions constitute the only downside of this Tefal brand appliance. This product takes up space, especially in a small kitchen where it will pass for a bulky object.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

This Tefal WO 300010 wok obtains a score of 9.8 out of 10. And for good reason, it is the ideal equipment to enjoy the pleasure of cooking different preparations with different methods. Buy on Amazon – Price: (€ 86.72)

Main Features Explained

Well-designed material

With a power of 1300 W, this electric wok offers you the opportunity to cook your dishes fairly quickly. In addition to its aesthetic side, aluminum was chosen for its ability to transmit heat instantly. It distributes it evenly. At the same time, it is a material that is shock resistant. Therefore, this cooking equipment promises a longer life.

In addition, the tank of this appliance is protected by a layer of non-stick coating which fully covers its interior wall and its exterior. This considerably facilitates the cleaning of this utensil. The latter has a handle to lift it. Last but not least, the silvery black color gives it a contemporary look. It will bring a touch of modernity to your kitchen, whatever the decorative style.

Multifunctional device

Thanks to Thermospot technology, this device makes it possible to prepare dishes in different ways. Understand that this wok offers three distinct cooking temperature levels. It can cook, grill, or simply keep your dishes warm. An indicator light will tell you whether the device is on or not. Then, a heat indicator will also help to better succeed in preparations, even the most complex.

As a bonus, Tefal offers support to keep the ingredients suspended in the tank. This means that this equipment is made for steam cooking. For your safety, the cover has been made of a very resistant transparent glass. This ingenious system gives you the opportunity to see the inside of the wok without having to lift the cover and risk a rise of hot steam.  

Easy maintenance

Maintenance of this device remains particularly easy. Since the tub can be detached from the base, you can directly place it in the dishwasher. This is an important detail that will facilitate cleaning. In addition, not all electric woks are detachable but our Best Electric Woks are detachable. The control buttons of this kitchen equipment are thermoset. The handles are also made with the same material which has the distinction of never heating.

Which prevents you from getting burned. Then, the base of this device is made of thermoplastic. It is a material resistant to impact and extreme temperatures. To clean it, you just have to pass a sponge. Make sure the appliance is unplugged when you wipe it. In all cases, this cooking appliance has a fuse to prevent short-circuiting or the risk of electric shock.

2. Lagrange 349006 Wok & Classic fondue Wooden handles

Lagrange 349006 is a multifunctional wok that assures you every food you cook brings out an exceptional flavor. The wok consists of an aluminum pan with non-stick coating. This means ease of maintenance of this product and better heat distribution with each use. Aluminum is appreciated for its resistance which always guarantees an extended lifespan for the material it constitutes.

Its adjustable thermostat system allows you to always succeed each cooking according to the type of food to be cooked. Lagrange 349006 handles are in varnished wood. From an aesthetic point of view, the whole is elegant and easy to integrate with other kitchen equipment. In addition, wood is a natural material and is easy to take in hand when cooking. This model has a glass cover which allows you to better follow the progress of each cooking.

Lagrange 349006, like any best electric woks, comes with various practical accessories including the grill to keep warm, a spatula, and tongs. Hence the practicality of its use. It is by analyzing the strengths of this kind of product that you can know how to choose the best electric woks of 2020.

Would you like to prepare tagines, couscous or even delicious fondues, but unfortunately, you don’t know which electric wok to choose? You need a versatile device with an adjustable thermostat. This is particularly the case for this Lagrange 349006.

  • Versatile: Thanks to this device, you can let your family taste the flavors of exotic dishes, or even share delicious fondues in oil, broth, or cheese. In any case, the Lagrange 349006 will fulfill its mission perfectly.
  • Adjustable thermostat: This function is essential for better control of the preparation of your dishes. It will allow you to grill, brown, simmer, or simply keep your dish at the ideal temperature.
  • Accessories supplied: The accessories delivered with the appliance will certainly delight cooking enthusiasts. It is indeed supplied with 8 forks with wooden handles accompanied by the thermoplastic fork support, a wooden spatula, a grill keeping warm and a food tongs.
  • Size of the fondue pot: According to the tests of some consumers, the fondue dish of 21 cm would be a bit small, especially if you want to share the dishes with several guests.

3. Tefal WK302013 Wok Fondue Compactable

Tefal WK302013 is an electric wok that works with a power of 1200 W. This wok allows you to do each cooking in the shortest possible time. The bowl of this model also made of aluminum coated with non-stick material. This implies that the heat distributed evenly and cleaning the wok always simple.

Tefal WK302013 has a thermoset system that allows you to start cooking when the normal cooking temperature reached. A glass cover accompanies Tefal WK302012 to allow you to easily follow the preparation and to give a better appearance to the whole of this product.

When the device is on, an indicator light comes on. You can adapt each type of cooking to the temperature that suits it thanks to the possibility of using an adjustable thermostat. To facilitate access to a power outlet and to find the ideal location for this wok, its manufacturers have ensured that its cord is 2 m long and is removable. Which is very convenient for storage. You can consider buying this model if you are looking for a cheap wok, but capable of playing its role properly.

Tefal currently considered to the best brand of electric wok on the market. Many of these products are very successful, and the 1200 W model WK302013 is one of them.

  • Powerful: With its 1200 W, the Tefal WK302013 figures prominently in the ranking of the most efficient best electric woks. Its power will be perfect for home use.
  • 2 in 1: This appliance will allow you to prepare both exotic dishes and fondues. For this, you can count on the assistance of an adjustable thermostat.
  • Size of the fondue pot: According to the tests of some consumers, the fondue dish of 21 cm would be a bit small, especially if you want to share the dishes with several guests.

4. Riviera & Bar QC122A Electric Wok 5L

Riviera & Bar QC122A is an electric wok with an exclusive quantanium coating. This coating allows you to eat only healthy food with each cooking. In addition, it is able to resist scratches and rubbing well. What guarantees you a use in the state during long years.

The tank of this model is aluminum to ensure a good distribution of heat. Riviera & Bar QC122A has a stainless steel grill that allows you to stream. This leaves you free to experiment with different types of recipes. Riviera & Bar QC122A can use in 10 different positions to allow you to use it for different preparations. This model allows a temperature adjustment to the type of cooking carried out thanks to a thermostat.

Its glass cover helps you better see the condition of the food you are cooking during cooking. For this model, the tank can be removed at any time and the power supply is removable so that you can immediately sit at the table without requiring other containers. The capacity of Riviera & Bar QC122A is equal to 5 liters to allow serving up to 6 people. Even this model is not a better product, these few strong points explain its presence in this comparison of the electric wok.

If for you, power is the main asset of an electric wok, then the Riviera & Bar QC122A is the model for you. With its 2200 W and its integrated and rising resistance allowing an optimal distribution of the heat, this device will probably know how to satisfy you.

  • Very powerful: In terms of power, the Riviera & Bar QC122A is the most efficient electric wok on our list with its 2200 W.
  • Capacity: With a capacity of 5 liters, you will be able to share your delicious exotic dishes with six people.
  • Inseparable dish and support: The dish and the support cannot be separated for the service. You can only separate the elements for cleaning.

How to use an electric wok?

The wok is a utensil that one does not always choose to have in the cookware. And yet, it offers various types of cooking, from stir-fry dishes to steamed dishes, as well as stews. But you already know that and that is what drove you to buy your electric wok. Now learn how to use it well. The following lines contain some advice on this subject.

Read its instructions

If a conventional wok can be used on a gas stove or induction hobs, this is not the case for electric ones. Indeed, the rules different, and several factors must take into account when using them. To find out, take a look at the leaflet delivered with the article. It contains the characteristics of your wok as well as its requirements in order to obtain optimal cooking.

Make sure everything is ready before turning it on

The wok allows you to cook quickly and to the point, but for that, you also need to follow certain rules. First of all, the availability of all ingredients before you start. Know that cooking with the wok is express. Therefore, if you prepare a few more vegetables while the meat is already ready, you risk burning the meat. Then finish cutting everything before switching on the base.

Preheat it before cooking

What pleases most in the different cooking with a wok is the fact that everything is in point. In other words, the meats remain soft although they are cooked. As for the vegetables, they keep their crispy side. But for such a result, start by preheating your empty wok. In this sense, connect the base wire to the mains and switch it on. Opt for a fairly low heat at first.

Keep an eye on cooking

Once the wok preheated, pour a little oil inside. At this time, you can increase the temperature of the base and then pour your ingredients gradually. Start with the foods that require longer cooking and add the others afterward. Throughout this step, do not stop stirring the ingredients. Thus, all will have roughly the same cooking.

Never remove the wok from its base during cooking

For the food to benefit from optimal cooking, the wok must maintain a certain temperature. Therefore, it is not recommended to remove it from its base in the middle of cooking, as this would harm the homogeneity of it. In fact, for electric models, the temperature drops quickly and when you put it back on the fire, your food will have been well bathed in oil by the time the heat comes back.

Clean your wok properly

When you have finished using your wok, turn it off and remove it from its base to be washed. It should be noted that cleaning a wok does not require the intervention of a scraper and washing up liquid. Instead, dip it in hot water and scrub its entire surface with a bamboo brush to remove charred remains. Normally, the latter is delivered with your wok. If not, a sponge will do.

Princess 162305

Best Electric Woks

Princess 162305 is an electric wok whose power reaches up to 2500 W. This power allows you to carry out each cooking in no time. Princess 162305 made of metal and plastic. The solidity of these materials used together ensures sustainable use of this model compared to conventional models on the market made of other non-resistant materials.

The whole of this product consists of 6 pots of 16 cm in diameter. This allows you to prepare different types of food simultaneously to meet the specific needs of each member of the family. The pans covered with non-stick items to facilitate cleaning after each use. This coating prevents you from using fat to successfully cook each time. Thanks to this feature, you only eat healthy food with this device.

The dimensions of the article include 68.7 cm long, 12 cm is wide and 16.5 cm high. You can easily find room for this product in your kitchen if you consider only these measures. The quality of Princess 162305 may not be exceptional, but a person who does not have many requirements on the quality of this product can find happiness by opting for this model.

For a food lover, there is nothing better than being able to share your achievements with those around you, and have a good time during the tasting. With the Princess 162305 electric wok and its 6 small saucepans, you can share your exotic dishes with the whole family.

  • Family Wonder Gourmette: The Princess 162305 is the ideal electric wok if you want to share your meals with family or friends. With its 6 small saucepans of 16 cm in diameter, everyone will have their share of delight.
  • Quality pans: The Princess brand has taken care to provide its pans with a non-stick coating. They will then be much easier to clean.
  • Price: Certainly the price is quite high and you will surely find cheaper best electric woks, but not with the same capacity as this model.

Tefal WO 300010

Best Electric Woks

Tefal WO 300 010 is an electric wok whose power is equal to 1200 W. This guarantees you a considerable cooking speed for each use. This model has an aluminum bowl which ensures a good distribution of heat with each cooking. In addition to being light, this material is resistant and full of aesthetics. This tank coated with non-stick material. This allows you to easily maintain it.

Tefal WO 300 010 accompanied by a warning light system when it switched on. This allows you to easily control it. This electric wok also equipped with an adjustable thermostat in several positions to allow you to grill, cook, or keep hot your food. Hence the possibility of using this product to prepare different types of dishes.

Tefal WO 300010 fitted with a 2 m long cord to facilitate its integration into a kitchen depending on where your electrical outlet located. The design of this model is neat and it’s black/silver color adapt to various equipment that may exist in a kitchen. So, we hope you were able to find an answer to the question of what is the best electric wok on the market, thanks to this product.

Take care to define your needs before determining where to buy the best electric wok. If you looking for a powerful model equipped with an adjustable multi-position thermostat, then go ahead and opt for the Tefal WO 300010.

  • Adjustable thermostat: This function will make your wok much more practical and versatile. Its thermostat can adjust to several positions, allowing you to cook, grill, or even keep your dishes warm.
  • Glass lid: This glass lid will prevent you from splashing, and will also save you time when cooking your food. You will be able to handle it easily and surely thanks to its grip button.
  • Thermo-Spot indicator: Thanks to this indicator, you will be able to easily and quickly determine whether the appliance is ready to cook or not.
  • Maintenance: You will have no trouble cleaning this appliance. The elements can indeed separate, and it then becomes possible to put it in the dishwasher. You will save yourself the tedious sponge cleaning sessions.
  • Bulky: Some happy users of the Tefal WO 300010 are however of the opinion that the device occupies a lot of space in the kitchen.


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