Buying Professional Cookware: is it Worth the Cost?

The first step for considering whether professional cookware is worth the cost is figuring out why it costs more. Usually, the extra cost is associated with higher quality products. This will be particularly important to you if you are experienced in the kitchen. For some, buying the more expensive professional cookware may not be worth it. For instance, if you are someone who rarely cooks at home or are very inexperienced you may not know what features you want desire most in cookware.

Consequently, it is important to do plenty of research into what features different brands offer to make sure you find the best cookware for your needs. If you are inexperienced and do not know what features to look for, it may be helpful to try out a few cheaper cookware options to determine what you are looking for before purchasing professional cookware sets.

Why is Professional Cookware More Expensive?

Some reasons that professional cookware brands are more expensive include higher quality materials, make up (e.g. cladding), the quality of a non-stick coat, greater attention to detail and durability. It is important to do some research to figure why different professional brands cost more. A small explanation of each of the potential reasons above follows:

Difference in Quality of Materials

Cookware can be made of various materials. Different materials react in different ways making some materials of superior quality. A cheaper cookware item may be made out of aluminium or carbon steel which is far inferior to copper which conducts heat very well. This may mean that the reason a professional set is more expensive is that it is made out of the more expensive material, copper.

Difference in Make-Up

This refers to the actual construction of the cookware. More expensive professional cookware may be made up of various clads. This improves heat conduction and spreads heat more evenly making it a higher quality construction than cheaper cookware without any cladding.

Difference in Quality of Non-Stick Coating

Some non-stick coats can chip easily and require frequent replacement. In the end, this can cost more time as well as a greater inconvenience than a more expensive piece of cookware. The more expensive pieces tend to have more durable non-stick coats causing some extra cost.

Difference in Attention to Detail

Often professional cookware pieces are more intricately designed with more attention to the minor features. For instance, the handles may be designed to optimise ease of transport or the opening of a pot designed to make pouring extremely easy. These extra details can cost more but also enhance the cooking experience by optimising convenience.

Difference in Durability
This somewhat relates to the materials used and make-up of the cookware. Higher quality materials can be much more durable than lower quality materials. Cladding can also strengthen the product by adding extra layers.

Another possible reason for the extra cost of professional cookware is the brand name. This is why it is important to research different professional brands to ensure that you are not paying a hefty price for a label rather than actual quality. The above are things you should look for to ensure the actual quality of the cookware.

Five Highly Rated Professional Cookware Brands

To give you a place to start finding the best pots and pans, these are five brands which have very positive professional cookware reviews.

Le Creuset Cookware Set

This is a much-loved brand by its users. There are a few good reasons for this which can explain why it is more expensive. Firstly, this cookware is extremely versatile meaning that it works on a large range of cooking surfaces, making it a good induction cookware choice.

Secondly, the cookware heats evenly making it easier to cook higher quality meals. Finally, the cookware items are extremely durable and can last several decades meaning you don’t have to replace your cookware often which can reduce long-term costs for cookware.

Additional to the overall durability of the cookware, it has a very high-quality non-stick surface. As it is enamelled, there is no need to use oils or butter to season which improves the nutritional value of your meals. The non-stick enamelled material makes it very easy to clean and take care of.

All-Clad Cookware

These cookware sets were originally created for professional chefs, and are consequently of very high quality. Although the cookware is pricey, it is built to last a lifetime, making the overall ownership cost minimal. The cookware has a three-ply construction. The inside and outside of the pan or pot is coated with stainless steel covering an aluminium core. This make-up allows for excellent heat conduction with the extra benefit of non-reactive stainless steel. The material used for this cookware set also increases versatility. These cookware items can be used on induction stoves as well as in the oven.

Rachael Ray Hard-Anodized Cookware Sets

This brand provides cookware that can be used both professionally and at home. The sets tend to be full of vibrant colour making them very attractive pieces. The cookware items are hard anodised in order to make them more durable so can be used for a long time. The cookware pieces are made with quality non-stick coating also adding to durability and convenience. Rachael Ray brand is a good example of superior attention to detail. The handles are coated with a silicone grip, allowing for easier transport.

Viking Cookware

Viking cookware is designed for people to be able to reach commercial kitchen levels from the comfort of their own home. Similar to many professional cookware brands, Viking cookware uses multi-ply construction (where aluminium is coated with stainless steel) in order to improve heat retention and conduction. The exteriors are covered in magnetic stainless steel making this cookware extremely versatile. The cookware is both induction compatible and dishwasher safe.

The high-quality materials used and makeup of the Viking cookware brand give it a lifetime guarantee. The make-up of the cookware and the materials are not only practically superior; many Viking Cookware owners are also impressed with the beauty of the cookware. This is another example of attention to detail you won’t find in lower quality cookware sets.


The Cuisinart brand is one used both by professional chefs and at home. This line also uses an aluminium core with stainless steel exteriors and interiors as the design. This allows for quick and even heating, making cooking easier and allowing for higher quality meals to be cooked. An attractive example of attention to detail is the make-up of the handles. The handles have a ‘Cool Grip’ feature making transportation easier. This professional brand is also particularly attractive due to the various different cookware lines. To name the main lines, Cuisinart offers the ‘Chefs Classic’, ‘Multiclad Pro’ and ‘GreenGourmet’ lines; giving you a choice of style, features and price.

The extra expense of this cookware brand provides you with higher quality makeup, materials, attention to detail as well as a lifetime guarantee.