What is Portable Gas Grills? [All You Need to Know]

This last summer we decided to do our picnics and camping trips in style. We got one of those portable gas grills. For the past few years anytime we’ve gone camping or down to the river for the afternoon we’ve used those wrought-iron grills on a pole they have at most picnic grounds. You know, the ones that everyone has used and the teenagers have turned into a bottle-rocket launcher. I’ve been tired of using them since shortly after I first used one. But we changed that.

What is Portable Gas Grills?

I’ve wished many times I could take my Weber portable gas grill with me on these trips and now I do. We go ta Weber portable gas grill, specifically the Q-100. It’s not as big as the home grill but it’s way better than the grill-on-a-pole.

It’s got a 8,500-BTU stainless-steel burner to heat the 189-square-inch cooking area.The lid and body are tough, thick aluminum and it feels real solid. It’s got a push-button start and an infinitely adjustable burner valve that makes it easy to control the heat. The cooking grate is cool too. It’s cast iron but it’s got this coating on it that slippery… no more scraping your meat off, or getting various chunks of meat because of the sticking. The grill operates on a standard 14.1- or 16.4-ounce propane cylinder. Perfect for portability.

That nearly 200-square-inch grill surface is large enough for our family of four. Six 1/3 lb. burgers fit well enough; if you put any more on they start to get hard to turn. I’ve also been able to do two average sized tri-tips at once. The lid isn’t tall enough to allow a whole chicken. It heats up real quick and it will do a wonderful sear on pretty much anything after about 7 minutes of preheat. The heat is also very even, with virtually whole grill surface usable. The best thing about the small burner is fuel efficiency I haven’t changed out the first cylinder yet and we’ve probably used it a dozen times.

Our new portable gas grill is great. If you spend a lot of time outside but away from your house like we do, it’s really nice to have a solid grill to cook up burgers, dogs and chicken breasts.