All About Pasta Makers [Complete Guide]

Cooking in the home can be a very satisfying experience if you’ve got the right tools and appliances to make things run smoothly. However, if you don’t have the right equipment or ingredient home cooking can quickly turn into a pain. One of the coolest kitchen appliances Ive come across lately is a pasta maker. When it comes to making pasta having an effective pasta maker is a must. Home made pasta is great because you can put into the pasta different ingredients and experiment with it. It sure beats all the bland pastas you find at the store. Pasta makers come in at least two different styles: manual and electric.

All About Pasta Makers

Manual pasta makers have a crank that you turn to churn out the pasta consistently. These pasta makers are always a lot cheaper that the electric pasta makers but they definitely give you an authentic cooking experience. Also, electric pasta makers only improve speed and convenience. They don’t necessarily make better pasta. of course taste is always very subjective but there are many people who love the pasta they make with their hand crank pasta makers.

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There are several options out there that claim to be able to make pasta for you. Several Kitchen aid attachments are made for kneeding pasta dough but they won’t actually make the noodles. You want to make sure you get a pasta maker that allows for a lot of different attachment as you’ll probably be wanting to make all the different kinds of noodles: spaghetti, lasagne, ravioli, fettuccini, trenette, tortellini, chitarra, agnolotti, and capellini. Of course before you buy a pasta maker you want to make sure you know your needs first. If you don’t plan on making large pastas for big family meals then perhaps the hand crank pasta maker is for you. Many people love to be able to kneed the dough themselves and get used to thickness and texture needed to make perfect noodles. However if you are planning on feeding large amounts of people then an electric pasta maker is probably the best bet for you. These can turn out a ton more noodles in less time than your typical hand crank pasta maker.

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