Best Knife Sharpening Guide [With + Without Sharpener]

The knife sharpening guide is one of the essential guides in nowadays. People who are armature and beginner most of them they want to know this topic. Lots of people ask me how they should sharp their knife in every way. Well, that’s why I write this post for you guys.

In a few days, I see lots of people who are trying to know about DMT knife sharpening guide, wedge angle guides, and also they are searching Knife sharpening guide on reedit. I know people want to know it; that’s why I wrote the knife sharpening guide. In this guide, you will know how to sharpen a knife correctly and quickly.

I tried to specify this subject accessible to a more natural way, and I hope if you follow this instruction correctly, this Knife sharpening guide will help you a lot. So, follow all directions, and please remember these steps while you are sharping your knife.

Find a sharp stone for our knife:

If you want to sharpen your blade, the first thing you have to do, that is, find a proper sharp stone and that stone should be a plane size stone. Because if you use a rough stone that will make trouble. You cannot sharp your Knife with a rough stone, if you do this, your Knife will crash, and your blade will break. So, it is so important to find a proper plane size sharp stone.

knife sharpening guide

Plane sharp stone will help you when you slide your blade on it. Please don’t choose a smooth stone ever, because it won’t work. Without a sharpness stone, you can’t even slide your Knife properly.

Select the right bevel angle:

After choosing a perfect stone, then hold your knife in the right bevel angle. You know Japanese knife sharpening guide; they always select the right level. Lots of people I see around me they don’t know how to choose e right angle so they can sharp well. That is so embarrassing everybody should know this step. You should follow the Knife sharpening angle chart. So, choose the right angle and get ready yourself for the next level.

Apply water or oil to the stone:

While you want to sharpen your knife, you need oil or water; that thing called Wet stone sharpening guide. The wet stone helps your knife to become a sharp knife. But a dry stone will never help while you are sliding your knife. Some rock needs an oil, but some sharp stone needs water to wet. Crystolon and Arkansas stones require oil, but diamond stones need water stone that involves water.

So, if you have a diamond or water stone so you should use some water to wet it, and if you have Crystolon and Arkansas stone, then sprinkle it by oil. After applying water or oil to your sharp plane stone, then you can move to the last step.

Start sharpening the knife:

The last step of a Knife sharpening guide starts sliding your knife blade on the sharp stone. So, when you follow all the steps that I give, then you should begin to sharpen your knife. Take your knife and lie down its blade on the stone, keep your hand on the blade upper side then keep sliding on the rock. Pushing more your knife edge, your knife will become sharper. Oil or water will help you to slide easily.

Look at the blade surface and if that look shinier. Then run your finger on the blade slowly, and then you will realize that your knife sharpening is complete. You can try a 15-degree knife sharpening guide by sliding your knife into 15 degrees.

The pocket knife sharpening guide

The pocket knife is the most useful knife in the world; every people has at least one pocket knife because we know the pocket knife is an important daily good. The pocket knife is smaller than another knife, that’s why it is easy to sharp than others. Because of its short blade, you will need a short time period.

Firstly, Open your pocket blade and slide it on your sharp wet stone. Slide it for 7-8 times; then it will ready as your sharp pocket knife. I hope you will like this simple Pocket knife sharpening guide.

How much sharp does need a knife?

People use a knife because of their daily cutting works like vegetable cutting, Fruit cutting, Fish cutting, meat cutting, etc. We know its importance, but using so many knives will lose its sharpness. That’s why we need to sharpen our knife correctly. We know that for any kitchen work, we need an average sharp knife.

So, you will realize that your knife gets sharp enough by sliding. I think if you have an average sharpness in your knife and you can cut your kitchen item, I believe that keen is enough for you.

When you will know that your knife is sharp now?

Lots of people don’t know when his knife is sharp enough. But that problem happens for only beginner or armature level people. A pro-level buddy knows when his knife gets sharp enough. I have a suggestion if you don’t know when your knife is sharp enough.

Slide your knife blade on a wet stone for 10 to 15 times correctly. You will see your blade sharp part is looking shinier than before. If your blade is shining, then you have to understand that your blade gets enough shape. If you still confuse about your blade sharpness, then take a fresh vegetable or fruits and cut it; after cutting it, you will realize that your knife got sharp enough.


Knife sharping is one of the hard works for a beginner person. Lots of people from us don’t know how to do it. After sharping your blade, wash it properly, or else it will catch germs that will harm you. Wash it by soap or remove it by other washing goods, or you can kill bacteria by putting it into the fire.

So, I think if you read my instructions and follow those steps, it will be easy to work for you. If you like my guiding, then leave a comment and let us know is this content helpful or not.