How To Slice Sushi | Tips and Tricks

Sushi is one of the famous and precious foods in the world. People want to make sushi, but they have no knowledge about how to slice sushi and how to make them. That’s why I write this article for you. In here, you will know how to slice sushi, how to make sushi, and how to roll it.

The first sushi was made by japan, they invent this food, and people think it is the tastiest food nowadays. Especially most of the sushi was made by tuna fish, but no other fish is also used for making sushi. Sushi called a portion of food, which is for rich people because its price is too high for middle-class people. Best Pots and Pans for Gas Stove

How to make sushi?

Lots of people I know who want to make sushi in their home. Well, if you follow my all steps, then you can make sushi easily at your home.


  • Nourish
  • Rice
  • Souse
  • Bamboo mat

At first, you have to lay down your nori on the bamboo mat. Then put rice properly on the nori. Then slice you fresh fish meat and lie down your fish meat on that rice and nori. Then roll up all the ingredients and slice that roll into different pieces. Once you have done, then keep those slices on a plate and save some extra vegetables like carrot, Ginger, Cucumber on the plate and take some soya sauce on a small plate then serve it on the table. So, your delicious sushi is ready for it.

How to roll sushi

Rolling sushi perfectly is more important. If you don’t know how to roll sushi, then I will tell you the proper way. You can roll your sushi into 3 ways, and they are:

Place a sheet of nori on the mat to prepare sushi. Nori sheets have a rough side and a soft side. Place the nori with the rough side up.

Spread a rice ball to prepare sushi on top. Though the rice should cover the nori sheet evenly from the near edge of the sheet to approximately 3 cm (1 inch)

Start by placing the filling ingredients. Also place the ingredients in a line, starting from the near edge of the rice layer. Each element must remain in its own path, and there must be a small space between each row. [1] Here are some combinations of ingredients to prepare to make.


Sashimi is a Japanese word, and the sashimi word has two meanings. Sashi means stuck and pierced, and mi means body or meat. So, Sashimi’s full purpose is Pierced meat. Sashimi is made by 11 different ingredients they are: Salmon, Shrimp, squid, tuna, Mackerel, Horse mackerel, Octopus, fatty tuna, Scallop, yellowtail, and sea urchin.

Sushi and Sashimi are not the same; they have differences too. In a sushi dish, you will see there has rice, but in the sashimi dish, there was no rice, only fresh seafood meat. Then the rice is the only thing that makes a difference between these two dishes. Both are so delicious.

How to make Sashimi from whole fish?

The first step you have to do is find a fresh fish. You should know how to cut Sashimi from whole fish, follow these instructions:

Buy the part that is closest to the head, if not all of it. It is the best piece for making the sashimi dish. Enjoy your head for dashy, the miso soup. So it should cut 2 thick fillets and each into two pieces, longitudinally, according to the thickness of the meat. Clean the fillet by removing the dark parts. Use a very sharp knife.

Then feel with your fingertips for thorns and remove them (pull it) Cut into not very thin slices. The softer fish, such as salmon, are cut into thicker slices. But Only white fish are cut into almost transparent slices. Then carefully arrange the slices on a platter or tray, or on individual plates. Garnish with your own turnip, carrot, and whatever else your imagination desires. So each guest will prepare their own sauce to taste; also just leave the soy, ginger, and wasabi on the table. Though your Sashimi is ready.

How to slice a tuna

Tuna primarily use for sushi and Sashimi. So Let me tell you how to slice a tune for sushi and Sashimi. The tuna should always be fresh, bright in color, and without strong smells, and it is also essential to have a uniform red color without brown spots of blood.

Now the ideal thing is for you to cut it piece as rectangular as possible. And we will be also able to reduce the tuna into long slices, as Sashimi is often served. Then use a sharp knife to slice it. Before cutting the large piece into rectangles about two fingers wide and at most one finger thick. But if you want to make, tuna nigiri then covers all the rice with a meat slice and push it by your two fingers.

Sushi knife

A sushi knife should be sharper and stronger. Usually, a sushi knife comes with a thin body and pretty sharpness. With sharpness and a slim body, also you cannot cut your fish for sushi. Sushi always cut by one of the special people or a professional person. Then the reason is people want their sushi as a slice of perfect slice meat. So, that’s why a sushi knife is more important to be a sharp knife and thin knife.


Sushi is a portion of Japanese food, but now it becomes more famous food around the world. Also, people who went to the beaches taste sushi at least once. Lots of people who see the dream to eat some sushi, because sushi is a precious food and so many people can’t buy it. Though people want to know how to slice a tuna, or they are also searching for how to slice sushi. Not sushi, I also tell the cutting process of Sashimi. I also told them how to make Sashimi and how to make sushi. So I hope you guys get enough information from here.