How to sharpen a knife with a stone?

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Accelerating a knife with your own hands is both a pleasure and a challenge. We summarize in a few points the steps to follow: immerse the stone in water, put it on a table, slide the blade on it, continue with the sharpening on fine grains and finalize the operation on leather. Let’s discuss how to sharpen a knife with a stone very easily.

Moisten the stone in water

People have many questions about what kind of sharpening stone do I have the first step is to immerse the stone in cold water. It takes on average 10 to 15 minutes for the material to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. And for a good sharpening of the blade, it should be very wet.

You don’t sharpen a knife on a dry surface. This quickly increases the temperature of the blade. It may expand and slightly deform during the operation. Water, therefore, intervenes to lower the heat and facilitate action. You can also find lots of types of oil sharpening stones.

In addition, an overheated cutting edge is difficult to handle. It could even burn your hand. However, in this kind of exercise, the use of a protective glove is not really desirable. Sharpening is an art where the fingers come directly into contact with the material. If you find this stone in the water your question How to sharpen a knife with a stone that will solve easily. But you have to know more.

Turn the stone over on the right side

After soaking, remove the stone from the water and place it on a flat, stable surface capable of withstanding a certain pressure. In what sense to ask it? Put it vertically in relation to your blade. You have to start sharpening on the roughest part before continuing on the smoothest area.

The first side of the stone corresponds to the coarse grains while the second match the finer grains. To keep it simple, check the numbers printed on the sides like 200 and 1000 for example. The smallest value indicates the area of ​​the coarse grain. Plate the smooth side against the table and start your operation.

Work on your gestures 

Now you can start with basic gestures. Hold the knife with your right hand and place the blade on the surface. Then place your fingers (with your left hand) on the latter.

Next, perform arcuate movements. Keep a constant tilt of 15 ° or 20 ° during the action at the level of the coverslip. Also, make sure that the whole edge touches the stone. If you are sharpening a best nakiri knife for the first time on a stone, don’t bother rushing. There is really important of knife sharpener Argos. Your gestures should be rather slow and uniform, but not rapid and variable.

How to sharpen a knife with a stone

Apply the same pressure to the entire blade

Sharpening a knife on a stone is a matter of precision. You have to release the same pressure when you move the blade. This allows for a linear edge. Obviously, these gestures cannot be learned overnight. But, by dint of applying yourself, you will eventually master them. 

Conversely, different support for each attack is not effective. This will recreate a new cutting edge on the coverslip. The risk is to have a discontinuous cutting edge. This type of problem is difficult to catch up with because you will have to completely redo the sharpening, lose more material and time.  

The blade of a knife can vary from one model to another. Sometimes it is more compact. And others, it seems more flexible. In any case, judge for yourself the pressure suitable for each variant.     

Skip to the other side

After finishing with one side of the blade, you can now move on to the other. So just repeat the same gestures as before. Thus, apply the same pressure to the steel and attack with the same contact angle.    

However, add a little water to the stone to keep it moist. Also, test your edge on a piece of paper at the end of this step. You will notice that the knife manages to cut more or less clean. And of course, the result is not entirely correct, but the difference is palpable between the before and after sharpening.   

Chain on fine grains 

Now turn the stone over and continue to sharpen on the smoothest surface. This area is designed for finishing. The fine grains that compose it slightly attack the steel to make it prettier and sharper.

This time, the inclination of the cutlass must be reduced. Instead of having an operating angle of 15 °, opt for a value of 10 °. Then, slide the pan over the surface with a little pressure. If your plate too hard, the blade may become too thin.       

Finally, wipe the penknife and repeat the test with the sheet of paper. At the end of this test, the knife will be ready to resume its services. However, pass it over the leather to make it shine. 

How to sharpen a knife with a stone

Finalize on leather 

Although the passage on the leather is not obligatory for a blade, do it to perfect the sharpening. How to do it? Slightly slide the blade with one hand over the surface. Repeat the same gesture on both sides of the knife at an angle of less than 8 °. 

The role of leather is to remove tiny burrs on the penknife. This slightly improves the efficiency of the cutting edge, but above all, it makes the steel shine. For this kind of intervention, make sure that the entire surface of the blade passes over the leather. Thus, you will have a good silver finish.         

Other method

Basically, sharpening a blade on a stone takes a while. A beginner could spend more than 30 min on the same penknife with this process. So if you don’t have time to get your hands dirty, go for a new technique. These methods can help you to give you the solution of how to sharpen a knife with a stone.

These methods are the most reliable knife sharpening for beginners you can, for example, use a cheap knife sharpener. It is a modern tool that is easy to use. Just slide vertically and several times the blade inside. And that’s all. In just a few seconds, it becomes sharp again. So, this accessory could very well help you out. However, even if you can use it at any time, it does not offer the same quality of sharpening as a stone. So we think now you got all the solutions about How to sharpen a knife with a stone.

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