How to remove rust on cast iron?

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Compared to other kitchen utensils, cast iron ones rust in record time. Many factors explain it, but one thing is certain. It is urgent to resolve this problem to guarantee their longevity. Rust gives rise to multiple unpleasant situations, which we will first list for you before going into details. Let’s discuss How to remove rust on cast iron.

The dangers of rust

Undoubtedly, there is no kitchen material more resistant than cast iron tools. Best of all, they are known for their optimal non-stick properties. However, it must be admitted that this type of utensil will rust at high speed when it is wet. To avoid this, it is imperative to take care of it thoroughly.

Oxidation can cause countless annoyances. It is therefore urgent to remove it. If you take a long time to make a decision, it will spread all over the body of the equipment and it will be even more painful to remove it. Even a small part concerned weakens the whole structure. As a result, you end up with an unnecessary room in your kitchen. However, if you properly maintain your cast-iron casserole or stove, it can last up to 20 years.

In addition to these details, it should be noted that rust does not benefit health either. It damages the protective layer of cooking materials and poses a great risk of poisoning. Quality cast iron can still be repaired. Otherwise, it is better to consider purchasing a new cast iron casserole dish.

In this same context, do not forget that oxidation changes the taste and color of your dishes. To avoid all these inconveniences, do not wait any longer to remove the rust. The following sections summarize effective and practical advice for this purpose.

how to remove rust on cast iron

Lemon and salt: best natural solution

Thanks to the disinfecting and cleaning property of lemon, it is of great use in many household tasks. To remove traces of rust on your cast iron utensils, mix the juice of this fruit with salt. This creates a chemical reaction releasing the acid from the fruit. You can also proceed in two stages. First, pour the juice over the affected areas. Then add the fine salt. Wait half an hour to let the solution work. If the brand is stubborn, you just have to start again until it disappears completely. You finish the operation with rinsing with clear water.

These ingredients also work without each other to remove oxidation from your cast iron kitchen equipment. In case the latter is not very damaged, you can put salt only on the affected parts. These crystals effectively absorb dirt and stains. Likewise, many polish the cooking surface easily with half a lemon.

Baking soda

Just like these natural products that we just mentioned above, baking soda is useful for getting rid of rust. It is one of the operational soft abrasives to combat this phenomenon on your best cooking accessories.

In order to use it correctly, disperse the powder on the trace and pour a little water into it. Then make the paste obtained penetrate into the affected parts by rubbing it vigorously with a conventional cloth. Let the mixture soak in for one or two hours and rinse your kitchen equipment with clean water. If the rust still persists, you just have to repeat this operation. If you have taken a long time to decide, it is likely that the oxidation is more tenacious. In this case, turn to another more powerful alternative.

Potato and onion

Even if cleaning cast iron cookware with these ingredients is not yet very popular, know that it has proven itself many times. For the potato, the acid it contains is very effective in fighting rust. By vigorously rubbing the contaminated part, it makes it disappear completely.

The onion also defends itself well when it comes to erasing traces of rust on your cast iron tools. Quick and easy to use, just cut it in half and directly polish the trace with one or both halves.

These natural solutions have the advantage of being inexpensive. As these ingredients more likely to found in your kitchen, you will not waste time rehabilitating your pots and pans.

Bleach: chemical solution

We know your big question is how to remove rust on cast iron. So if organic tips don’t work to make brands disappear completely? Go for chemicals. Among the best known, bleach wins the esteem of many users.

This solution distinguished from others by its stain-removing property. If it often used to remove stains from clothing, it also works with kitchen utensils. Clean the rusty surface with a bleached sponge. This step finished, let soak for at least ten minutes until the trace erased.

Try to handle this solution with care, as it is not only corrosive but also irritating. Wear appropriate gloves so that it does not attack your hands.

how to remove rust on cast iron

Powerful cleaning product

Maintaining your instruments may become a nightmare due to the tenacity of the rust. Faced with this situation, the use of a chemical detergent is the only possible solution. A toilet cleaner can be effective in dissolving rust. It contains up to 20 or 30% hydrochloric acid. This is why it can become your best ally in order to fight against these traces on your equipment.

With a product as aggressive as bleach, protect your skin with gloves to avoid irritation. Also, remember to work in a well-ventilated area. This prevents you from inhaling the gas released by the substance.

In any case, if you don’t have all this in your cupboards, no need to go for lunch at noon at 2 p.m. A compound of salt and oil can solve the problem if the damage is not yet very serious. Then mix 2 spoonfuls of olive oil with 3 spoonfuls of salt in a bowl and coat your utensils. Wait ten minutes before polishing with a clean cloth and pass under tap water. Dry by wiping. So this is the best tip for you on how to remove rust on cast iron.

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