How to recognize a real Laguiole pocket knife?

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The Laguiole pocket knife has taken off in the French region and continues to be successful until today. Seeing its tremendous growth, neighboring countries began to counterfeit this famous cutlass. And with the multitudes of models in free circulation, we can almost no longer differentiate between authentic and copies.  

Check the price of Laguiole pocket knife

The Laguiole pocket knife price can be a guide to distinguish a real Laguiole knife from a fake one. An authentic model is worth over a hundred euros each. This rate generally reaches 120 to 150 euros. It even exceeds the 400 euros mark for productions with silver parts. 

We can thus deduce that a fake is often acquired without breaking the bank. Some items have a purchase cost of 60 euros and 40 euros. There are also inexpensive Laguiole sold for less than 10 euros. So if you come across such products, chances are it is a replica.  

Claim the warranty certificate

Branded products are often accompanied by written certification. This is valid for the Laguiole. When you buy a new model, you will have in addition to the invoice a warranty card.

In this paper, the place of conception of the cutlass is mentioned and the manufacturer’s signature appears there. That said, before offering you this famous penknife, request this document in advance from the seller. Make your way if he does not have the certificate in question.  

On the other hand, if you take a look at the second-hand market, the written proof is no longer there. Now you can come across original models as well as fake items. In this case, you will have to rely on your senses to recognize the good product from the bad.   

See if the blade is well centered

A good Laguiole is distinguished by its well-centered blade. The latter hardly deviates to the sides when you close the knife on itself. It is quite the opposite of a non-artisanal model. Find many types of Laguiole pocket knife reviews but simply check these things.

Once the cutlery is folded, its blade moves from left to right. You will feel its sway if you wiggle it with your fingers. And sometimes the gap between the cutting edge and the handle is not symmetrical on the two blanks. These details simply indicate the poor quality of the penknife. In short, if that is the case, do your research elsewhere.  

Laguiole pocket knife

Inspect the knife handle

No plastic part should end up on your Laguiole. If the components of the handle designed with a synthetic element then, beware. It a bad manufactured item intended to sell at a high price, a counterfeit manufactured on a large scale.   

Another detail, the traces of glue or resin on the handle are not a good sign. This indicates that the product does not follow the standards of production of French artisans. Since all the artisanal knives from Laguiole assembled only with metal rivets.      

Examine the bee

The metal bee badge is a signature of the Laguiole. This located on the front of the handle and once served as an opening and closing mechanism. But now, it takes place on the handle for decorative purposes only. 

But don’t fool, counterfeit items sold at low prices also have them. Bee images nested on it. So how do you differentiate the two products? On an authentic model, the image well-shaped. The wings, the body, and the head of the beast seem well traced. On the other hand, this graphic representation can appear smooth or coarse on a low-end penknife bearing the same name.     

Know that the real craftsmen of the Laguiole also manufacture some variants with a particular embellishment on their knives. Sometimes the decoration can take the form of a triangle, a snake, or a sphere.

Judge the comfort of use with your own hands

The comfort of use distinguishes a real Laguiole knife. The handle is pleasant to the touch. We immediately feel the finish brought to the penknife. On this point, no other model can imitate the authentic product. There lots of custom Laguiole knives.

If you hold the two cutlasses in your hands, the real one remains smooth and well rounded over the entire guard. On the other hand, the low-end article proves a little inconvenient, because the edges are more or less pronounced.             

However, the best Laguiole knife the comfort of use does not prevent you from buying this or that knife. If you are comfortable with a 10 euro model, that’s good. For some people, the bottom line with a penknife is that it cuts well. But before reaching a verdict, test at least one product of 150 euros to see the difference.   

Laguiole pocket knife

Take into account the finish

To recognize a good Laguiole from a bad one, take into account its finish. First, check the positioning of the cross on the guard. This place in the middle and must not orient left or right

Then, inspect the cutlery rivets one by one. The three fasteners of this one must have an identical size, form small circles well cut out and align at the same height as the surface of the handle. Finally, a Laguiole from France displays clear writings on the blade. In turn, a poor quality penknife could have poorly printed and shallow letters on the steel.

Check the cutting edge of Laguiole pocket knife

Cutting a cutlass differs from one model to another. For lack of quality, a false Laguiole can lack sharpness. In fact, you will have to press hard enough to get rid of a steak or a vegetable. This kind of product should treat the best knife sharpener before used.  

In turn, an authentic item is very sharp as soon as it leaves the workshop. During manufacturing, the cutler took the time to sharpen his work properly before delivering it to the dealer. Finding original Laguiole knives really easy. To test the effectiveness of the penknife on a tomato to see if it can cut it into a thin strip without compressing it. A good model easily wins this kind of test.


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