How to Prepare Different Types of Coffee at Home?

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Do you know How to Prepare Different Types of Coffee at Home? Whether at breakfast, after lunch, or at any time of the day, a good cup of coffee can be enjoyed. But the flavor of a coffee is not limited to simple preparation. There are various methods to extract its aroma and appreciate its freshly ground taste. In this review, we provide you with various techniques for making your favorite drink.

Using a French press

Commonly called the French Press, the French press is one of the devices that do not require any particular know-how in their handling. Relatively affordable, it will easily find a place in your kitchen. This model will ensure you without great difficulty the preparation of a filter type coffee. Thanks to its operating model, it can only increase the aroma of your drink.

For the preparation, therefore, you have to pour the powder according to the dose for each cup. Add the correct amount of hot water according to the intensity desired. Let the mixture steep and make sure you do not exceed the four minutes recommended by the specialists to prevent it from taking an acrid flavor. Press lightly on the plunger until it reaches the bottom of the container. At the end of the process, pour the drink into your cup. Adding milk or cream to it will then depend on your preferences.

Using the vacuum coffee maker

This equipment has been forgotten for a few years. Today, he returns to the front of the stage. We recognize it especially with its design look and out of the ordinary. It is a device that connoisseurs qualify as gentle extraction equipment similar to the operations of the Chemex or even the Dripper.

At first glance, it works like a filter coffee maker. He takes on two very distinct containers, one stacked on top of the other. In the middle is the filter in question. For the preparation, pour the dose of coffee in the upper compartment and water in the lower one. The quantity of the latter must be around ¾ of the container. 

Using a burner, heat the bottom until the solution boils creating an overpressure. When you put out the fire, the coffee thus obtained in the top part will come down naturally. Mix and your drink will be ready.

Use aeropress

The Aeropress also acts as a good coffee maker if you are looking for a quick solution for the preparation without distorting the quality of the rendering. Once you have purchased your equipment, the process will proceed instinctively.

First, heat the water that will be used to brew your coffee. Avoid bringing it to a boil. During this time, you can apply yourself to grind the grains. To install the device, start positioning the filter on the utensil that will take care of receiving your drink. Then put the powder in the container provided for this purpose. Add water to it and stir. Press from the cover and push down gradually with your hand. Your operation ends when the piston touches the base of the material.

The classic method: the Italian coffee maker

This equipment remains the oldest and most popular of the devices designed for the preparation of coffee. It has always used the same operating principle, although its design has evolved somewhat over time. Here you will find all of the solutions and tips of How to Prepare Different Types of Coffee at Home.

To make your drink, get ground coffee. First, pour water into the bottom section. Add the coffee in the compartment provided for this purpose. Gather the parts of the machine and put it on the fire to heat. The operation ends when the water gradually flows into the upper container.

Make your coffee according to a specific recipe 

Filter coffee: It is at the top of the list when we talk about “classic”. It is quite easy to prepare and is the most widely used and popular method in the world. To do this, you will need hot water, which you will gently pour over the filter containing the ground coffee. The resulting drink will have a light flavor and a pleasant aroma if you respect the proportion of 1 l of water for 60 g of coffee.

Espresso or short coffee: It comes straight from Italy. This recipe is the basis of many preparations. It obtained after the infusion of finely ground coffee beans in hot water. You can also use a special device: the espresso machine. Set it to more than 90 ° C, with an extraction time of around twenty seconds and a pressure between 9 and 10 bars. In manual mode, count 5 g of coffee for 20 to 30 ml of water.

The lungo: It is an espresso to which we add an additional volume of water, but similar to the previous one for the same dose of coffee. This means that if you always take 5 g of coffee, you add 45 to 50 ml of water to the container.

The ristretto: If you reduce the amount of water in half while keeping that of coffee, you will get this recipe. It presented as a variant of espresso, but more concentrated. It called “tight” coffee.

And when you add milk or cream, you have:

The cappuccino: It designed with a simple espresso added with a layer of hot milk and a layer of foam whose proportions of the components remain equal. On top, we usually pour cocoa powder, cinnamon, or chocolate to enhance the taste.

Macchiato : It delivers a creamy flavor with the whipped hot milk foam that we add to our espresso.

The mokacchino : Commonly known as mocha coffee, it mainly consists of espresso, hot milk, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup (or powder). It is usually served in a transparent glass through which you will contemplate each component of the drink. As aesthetic as it is delicious, it can be enjoyed at breakfast, as a snack and even as a dessert with its texture rich in flavors.

The iced coffee: For its preparation, count on three doses of espresso, a similar amount of coffee cream, sugar, and a few ice cubes which are added on top.

L’affogato: It falls into the dessert category. For its realization, you have to pour the very hot espresso on a vanilla ice cream. Connoisseurs usually accompany it with alcoholic liquor.

We think now you got the point off How to Prepare Different Types of Coffee at Home.

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