How To Make A Smoothie Without Using The Blender- YES, IT’S POSSIBLE!

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Doctors keep recommending the consumption of five different fruits and vegetables a day. However, it must recognize that not everyone applies this rule in everyday life. However, it guarantees your health and gives you energy. Fortunately, the smoothie an ideal solution to get started. It allows you to savor vegetables or fruit in a completely different way. Compared with other preparations, this formula has multiple benefits that appeal to the world.

Why smoothies?

Big or small, man or woman, Monsieur and Madame Tout-le-Monde fall in love with this creamy juice. In addition to cheaper compared to products in supermarkets, the latter is also richer in nutritional intake. As it keeps the fibers of the ingredients, it, therefore, packed with antioxidants, trace elements like magnesium or potassium, and vitamins. In a word, this drink defined as your best health ally.

Easy to digest, smoothies distinguished by their velvety character. If your kids hate eating fresh vegetables, opt for this creamy blend. With the addition of milk or yogurt, they quickly forget the presence of zucchini, cucumber, but especially celery or mint with their special flavors.

Even if this drink is much more consistent, it remains low in calories. Very hydrating, it differs by its unique taste. As for the time spent preparing it, it depends on the machine or tool to be deployed. Generally, we use the blender to make a good smoothie. However, multiple cookware can also provide a similar result.

Vegetable mill

We mainly use this device to make the mash, it can also help you prepare an excellent smoothie. Choose only the soft and juicy ingredients namely strawberries, peaches, raspberries, melons, or bananas. Once you are sure of your choice, you will vigorously crush them. Then pour everything into a bowl full of yogurt or milk, you mix, and voila.

It must admit that preparation requires a lot of time. As it is a manual tool, the operation requires physical force to squeeze vegetables or fruit. However, it allows you to save your energy consumption.

Vegetable grater

This kitchen utensil is also very useful for preparing smoothies “as it should be”. Like the previous solution, the manual vegetable grater requires zero electric currents. It, therefore, helps you to save more. However, you can also favor electric models to save time.

Easy to deploy, just grate the food one by one. This done, you can filter them using a milk bag or a simple piece of clean cloth. Finally, add a grapefruit or orange juice and milk. After going through the freezer for 20 minutes, you will enjoy it. Of course, the drink does not have the smooth character of a smoothie made with the reference equipment. However, it retains the nutritional value of the ingredients.

Arm mixer

This device is closer to the reference equipment, thanks to the texture of the juice obtained. It is capable of providing a creamy and delicious consistency. The thermos shaker bottle is really helpful for making good smoothies. If this material used in particular to make a tasty mayonnaise, it can also make a smoothie as we like. To do this, start by dicing the ingredients. Place them in the blender. With its powerful blades, the latter will actively press them. Finally, add ice or milk to the preparation and you will have your homemade creamy smoothie.


With centrifugal technology, this equipment finely grates fresh food to extract the juice well. Thanks to its sharp blades, it easily isolates the pulp. No need to cut the ingredients, it’s up to the equipment to take care of it. That finished, you can put yogurt or milk in the preparation. Leave the drink to cool in the freezer for half an hour.

If you use a range of centrifuge, you can make a large number of drinks in just a few minutes. However, this rapid pressing system is not able to maintain the nutritional quality of the ingredients.

Juice extractor

This machine also helps you get smoothies in the state of the art. It is distinguished by its ability to keep the nutritional value of the food that passes through it. You can find trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals in your drink.

However, it should be noted that the results do not seem so satisfactory. The real role of the juice extractor is to separate the liquid from the pulp. So you can expect in this case to get a less tasty version than usual because it must be said, practically all the flavor is in the juice. 

The Blender, the best alternative

This is the most effective equipment for the people who wants to know- how to make smoothies. In comparison with the other options mentioned above. It is the only device capable of producing an optimal quality beverage. He mixes the ingredients finely in no time. Unlike the juicer or juice extractor. It retains the fibers that are full of vitamins, energy boost. But especially the taste necessary for our well-being, especially for growing children or seasoned athletes. This equipment gives its thick texture to the drink. There you can try also apple smoothie without a blender. This is why this famous device remains the ideal solution to obtain the smoothie.

If you do not have this type of appliance at home. It is time to make the decision to buy it. Prefer the big brands. Because they always testify the performance and the longevity of the material. Remember to maintain the machine properly after each use. This will help you extend its lifespan. Finally, we have a question you can you make a smoothie without ice?

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