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We all use knives, more or less and somethings you should have knowledge about how to Fix a Pocket Knife that won’t close. But that’s odd when we don’t know how to fix a pocket knife that won’t close. People ask me how to close a pocket knife? Why won’t my pocket knife close? And what should they do when their pocket knife won’t close all the way. Well, I’m going to define these problems.

There are many uses of knives in everyday life. Knives are also used for outdoor purposes, from the kitchen. While working in the kitchen, we cut different vegetables with a knife. From fish to meat with a knife, everything worth eating in a cooked house can be reduced. There are different types of knives that the work of a knife is done by the knife. So read continue how to fix a pocket knife that won’t close.

What is a pocket knife?

We all use knives in our various jobs. But we all always need a knife that can be quickly and safely and pocketed. A pocket knife is a small knife. This knife can be folded into a pocket. The knife can be easily transported from one place to another for the convenience of pocketing. Typically several minor tasks can be done with this pocket knife. Pocket knife existed since 600BC.however, in the late 1600s, the modern versions of pocket knives began. A few hundred years of technological change have changed, and they are more options than ever. Through it comes to a variety of knives, but one of the attractions is the pocket knife.

How to Fix a Pocket Knife that won’t Close

Fixing not closeable a knife

We all use knives, but after many days, this knife causes some problems. Knife problems can occur after use. These problems are more commonly seen in sharp knives and knife rust. We need to take care of our knife to prevent these problems.

Oil: There is some knife that can be folded. The pocket knife is one of them. This pocket knife can be folded and placed in the pocket. However, these knives are sometimes damaged. If knives are wrong, they need to be reworked, and one of the tasks we need to do is clear the knife with oil. If you put oil in a knife, if there is dirt, it will come out. However, olive oil is the best protector here. The jam inside the knife leaves the oil. In addition to this work, you can use oil to sharpen this knife.

Acid: if the knife not used for a long time or will keep it the open sky, it will rust. Putting a knife under the open atmosphere makes it worse by holding on to it. Pocket knives render useless because of rust. The knives cannot fold when it rust. The acid acts as a very active ingredient for removing the comerpounds from a knife. With acid, the knife removes the rust from the knife. Then the knife will be as productive as before.

Removing rust: rust destroys the knives we use. The knives become stagnant due to the rust. Knives cannot be folded when rusted. Then they cannot work well. If we have to avoid this problem, we must first remove the rust from this knife. There are several ways to remove rust from a knife. Especially with oil or acid can rust the knife. When oil or acid is applied to a knife, they cling to it and clear the knife. So it can be said that we can easily remove the rust from a knife like this.

Screwdriver: There are times when using a knife, it can see that the knife is not working well. This problem more common in knives that can be folded. Folding knives contain many screws. Sometimes, these screws have lost their inner patch. Due to which it cannot be folded and wasted. We will do one thing to solve the problem, and that is it, when this problem occurs, we will open the screws once and see what the problem is. This problem can solve by opening the screws once again and re-install them.

How to close a pocket knife?

The pocket knife should open and closed the appropriate way so that you are not injured. When you close the knife, you should hold the blade of the key and close the handle. The closing should do very carefully. In this case, the blade will be smaller, and its handle larger. The knife likely to remove from the handle during the closing, so you need to do this firmly.

How to close a lock back knife?

It is important to know how to close a lock back knife. Throwing manufacturers use different methods to lock a pocket knife. But most of it has a small lever feature that you have to press or move to allow the knife to close. This lever can be located at different points of the knife. This way, the knife must close.

How to close the Kobalt pocket knife?

The Kobalt knife a type of small knife that used for minor tasks. These knives are tiny and sharped. The front of this knife is very sharp. Do it with small tasks such as paper cutting. There is a lever button anywhere to close this knife, pressing that button will automatically close the knife. I hope you understand how to close the Kobalt pocket knife.

How to close a spring assisted knife?

Spring-assisted knives are the best knives. It’s a folding knife. After opening this knife, you have to close it and press it on the two ends. This way, the knife can be closed.

How to close a Uline pocket knife?

It’s a small knife. Through this knife, a variety of minor works done. There is a trick to closing this knife. This knife blade can fold into the inside of its handle, and there is a blank space inside the handle for this.

How to close a mossy oak pocket knife?

This knife is also small. To close this knife, you must fold it first. Folding it will show that it is moving inside its handle. Best Pots and Pans for Gas Stove


Knives are our daily necessities. Its importance in our everyday life is immense. And after using this, it should always be kept clean and tidy so that it does not become waste. Unfortunately, if it gets damaged or worsened, we will always follow the rules mentioned above. So I hope you enjoyed How to fix a pocket knife that won’t close.