How to Close a Pocket Knife [Complete Tutorial]

Don’t you know how to close a pocket knife?  Are you frustrated with different knives locking systems? Well, I have a solution for you; just read below the five-pocket knife closing systems. Everybody knows that different types of knives have different closing abilities. So, I give a list that has average pocket knife closing systems.

I see lots of people are searching, how to close a cobalt pocket knife? How to close a Winchester knife? How to close a Kershaw pocket knife? I want to tell those guys a simple word that there is no matter which knives closing system you want to know, you learn five simple closing tricks that I give below. Just read these alternative systems, and then you will learn how to close a pocket knife. Best Knife Sharpening Guide.

5 pocket knife closing systems

How to Close a Pocket Knife

Here’s the complete guide on how to close pocket knife without getting into any problem. Top 10 Ways to Get Rid of Leftover Halloween Candy

Closing Frame Lock knife:

The frame lock is as secure as it looks. In the frame lock, you will find two scales, and there was no liner. This knife has a frame on the left side, and that thing works as a lock. When you open the blade, then the frame will push the left scale and put that scale into the middle of the handle.

So, push the left scale from the middle with your finger and down your blade into the handle to close it. Frame lock able knives looks are so adorable, that’s why most of the people choose it, that’s why it’s essential to know how to close a frame lock knife. Best Pots and Pans for Gas Stove

Closing Button Lock knife:

Lots of knives have button lock; these knives called Swiss gear. In that knife, it has two scales and a button on the upper side part of the handle. You have to click that button to open it when the blade is open, that button prevents the surface and works as a lock.

But when you want to close it, you have to press the button once again and push back your blade into the handle. Button system is so secure for everyone but one disadvantage it has, because of its quickness lots of people cut their hand by button lock system knife. So, be aware of it and don’t give it to your children because it is unsafe. Vegetable knife Vs Nakiri [Which is the Best]

Closing Lock back knife:

Lock back is one of the best closing system able knives. Lock back knife has a thin button on its lower back. If you want to close it or open, you have to press that button. If your work has done, then press that button and just push the blade back slowly. Remember, without pressing that button, and you can’t fold it. Because its locks system is so hard when you are pressing the button, it will release the blade, and then you can fold it. Lock back knives are so durable, and it is easy to fold or close, and it is such a good pocket knife. What is a Fruit Knife | Find Best Fruit Knife.

Closing Liner lock knife:

In a liner locking knife, it has two scales, an aligner, and a locking liner. The primary mechanism in this knife is the locking liner. When you open the blade, that locking liner comes forward and locks your knife. Whenever you want to close the knife, push that locking liner on the left side and push back your blade into the handle. It is so easy. If you don’t know how to close a pocket knife Gerber then read the liner lock system. Please don’t push the blade hard because without pushing the liner lock, you can’t close it. 6 Best Toasters Made in USA

Closing Slip joint knife:

A slip joint knife means a knife that has a handle and has one or more blade adjusting with it. If you don’t know how to close a Swiss army knife well, you have to learn a joint slip lock. In a slip joint knife, you have to do a simple thing; just give a push on your blade back, and then your knife sharpen part will fit on your knife handle automatically. Best Oven Mitts for Cast Iron

Essential tips for you, keep your hand out of your knife’s front part.


Which knife closing system is easy for you?

Lots of people want to know how to close a pocket knife husky? How to close a pocket knife with one hand? These people ask these questions because they want to find the easiest way to settle their pocket knives. In my how to close a pocket knife article, I put the different knife closing system, so you can define which one is the security system. Well, but if you want my suggestion, I can say that the closing button lock knife is more comfortable than others.

Which lock is safe for you?

This “how to close a pocket knife” article, I give five different knife closing system. Here, some of the closing systems are easy, and some systems are hard to understand. But in here lock back knife closing system is the safest system for all. If you are beginner, armature, or pro, then this lock back system is reliable for you.

Is Pocket knife is secure for kids?

No, it’s not. The pocket knife is as sharp as other knives. So, it will be a great mistake if you give the pocket knife to your children. They don’t know how keen it is, but you know. So, keep distance your child from it.


I know everybody laugh when they see people are searching for how to close a pocket knife. Because everybody knows it is the most natural thing in the entire world, they are wright. But we know nowadays science become unique. Every single day a different design comes to market. Companies are always trying to invent unique and epic goods.

For their different inventions, they make different designs; they put more features in a knife; that’s why sometimes people are struggling to close their pocket knife. So, if you read me all the tricks and systems, you will close your knife quickly. If you like all the information, then leave a comment below and let me know how it was.