All About Grill Covers [Complete Guide for Beginners]

Outdoor grills usually have a grill cover used as protection from the elements such as weather conditions, bugs and animals. Nasty weather, and even just continually shining sun, can cause your grill to fade, rust and just wear out faster than you’d like it to. Most of us can’t bring our grill inside or want to go to the hassle of bringing it in and out of the garage every time we use it. That’s why a grill cover is important.

All About Grill Covers

There are many different types of grill covers and they’re made from a wide variety of materials. Some can be made with simple vinyl and others very high tech material. Obviously it would have to be made of some type of weatherproof material. Some folks just grab and old blue tarp and some bungees cords but I like mine to look at least a little nicer than that.

Grill Covers

Most commercial grill covers are made for particular grills. Mine is a Weber grill cover because I have a Weber grill. My grill came with a cover but I had to replace it after I put it back on before the grill had cooled down all the way. Let’s just say it got a little singed.

New ones cost anywhere between fifteen and a hundred bucks, depending on the quality you want. The cost is entirely dependent on whether it is fitted or not and what type of material is used. One that is good in quality could run for around forty dollars. These ones will last through quite a few seasons and supply the proper amount of protection.

Many hardware stores will carry large grill covers. A great place to buy one is at a discount warehouse store. Home supply stores will typically carry them as well. Another option would be to look through catalogs or simply the internet.

In most cases, a grill cover is necessary. Since the grill itself can be quite expensive leaving them to the mercy of the elements is not a good idea. That ’s why it’s essential to protect your investment and keep grilling for years to come.

Anyone who is serious about grilling knows how important it is to take care of their grilling tools. Take care of yours with a grill cover.