Decorating A Breakfast Nook [Special Occasions Décor]

There are many ways to go about decorating a breakfast nook. Usually these rooms are small, so you might think that your options are limited. That could not be farther from the truth. The functionality of this space can double as a decorating opportunity. Then of course, there are the traditional decorating elements such as things hung on the wall or window treatments.

Decorating A Breakfast Nook

When you only have one grouping of furniture in a room that serves a purpose such as the breakfast nook table, then you cannot use the table surface for many decorations. You need to resort to the walls in order to add decorating touches. Since this room is small, you will need to find small pieces of art to hang. A large print would not look right in a small breakfast nook just big enough for a table for four. Several small prints or small pieces of art like masks are good because you can group them on available wall space. Putting the groupings at various heights will add character and variety. Make sure that all of your hanging art is protected by light resistant glass. This is an issue because you will find that a majority of kitchen nooks have walls that are covered in windows. The light pouring in from the windows could damage your art.

Decorating A Breakfast Nook

The windows mean that hanging art could be something that just is not possible. If that is the case in your kitchen space, then you need to think about using window treatments to decorate. There is a wide variety of window treatments out there, so you are guaranteed to find something to suit almost any decorating style. They come is many fabrics, plastic, metal, and almost any color imaginable. You can bring out the colors in your kitchen tile or grout with the proper drapes.

As I mentioned earlier, the functionality of your breakfast nook table can work to your advantage when decorating. You can use things such as placemats to add decorating touches. Placemats can be changed with the seasons or for special occasions. You can also have a variety of plain colored placemats to bring out the different colors in other elements in your kitchen such as the counter tops or floor tile. If you have many different placemats, you can store the ones you are not using in your kitchen nook with seat storage.