Best Way to Juice Wheat Grass: With An Inexpensive Hand Juicer

Did you know that one of the best possible natural sources of minerals is fresh wheat grass juice? You may have seen it sold in tiny cups at airports, shopping malls, and at juice bars, but never tried it. If so, you are missing out! Wheat grass juice has taken the health world by storm and with good reason. Not only does a 30ml shot contain your daily quota to nearly 60 different trace minerals, it also nearly fulfils you daily requirement of iron and vitamin C. Thats pretty good for a tiny drink like that!

Best Way to Juice Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is just that – young wheat, grown from normal wheat seeds. The secret to the potency lies in the fact that the grass is harvested when it is about 4 weeks old, when it still holds many of the original compounds that were stored for future growth in the wheat kernel, but it has also started developing its own living compounds. You will notice that juice bars don’t cut the living grass until you actually ask them to juice it. This is because the best quality juice, containing the highest concentration of nutrients comes from a plant that has not been sitting around deteriorating – and this is unfortunately what happens as soon as you harvest any living thing.

Best Way to Juice Wheat Grass

With the popularity of wheat grass juice, many people have started making their own juice at home. This is an economical option, since all you have is a one off expense buying a hand juicer, and then the option of buying wheat grass seedlings or even growing your own. If you choose to buy trays of growing grass you need to find a health food store that will source them for you. This should be possible in any larger city.

Growing your own plants is pretty easy too, in the simplest sense you can use any flat tray and sprout wheat seeds in sunlight. However, this can be a bit of a hit and miss affair – it is suggested that for consistent sprouting you get yourself a wheat grass growing kit instead.

Why choose a hand juicer for wheat grass? Well, usually it is the best choice since it is cheaper and also quicker to use. Because the juice is very concentrated you will only be making it in small amounts, and it does not take long to make enough even for 2 or 3 people. You can get electric juicers too of course, but unless you plan to make seriously large batches a manual juicer is ideal.