7 Best Nakiri Knife in 2020

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These days’ people are scrolling which is the best nakiri knife nowadays. Well, a knife is a crucial element of the best kitchen accessories. Without a knife, we can’t do any simple thing in the kitchen. But, how was that if you have a classic, strong, and beautiful knife-like Nakiri knife rather normal knife?  Obviously, it will be great.

Perhaps, you don’t know what is a nakiri knife correctly? Nakiri knife name comes from the Japanese name “Nakiri bōchō”. “Nakiri bōchō” means “Knife for cutting greens”. Especially, the nakiri knife is made for cutting vegetables but nowadays manufacturers put the ability to cut meats too. So, let’s see the list of 7 best nakiri knife reviews.

7 Best Nakiri Knife review

Here are the 7 best budget nakiri knives. These all nakiri knife sets are very durable and most wide-spread. In fact, these are the top-rated nakiri knife which already takes the market value. Let’s see which Nakiri knife could be the best nakiri knife for you.

The Yoshihiro VG-10 16 Steel Nakiri Vegetable Knife


  • VG-10 Steel Core (HRC 60)
  • Hammered Damascus steel cladding
  • Stain Resistant
  • Spine Thickness: 2mm.
  • Western-Style Mahogany Handle
  • Handcrafted in Japan

Concerning which one is the perfect traditional nakiri knife? One name always came out that is Yoshihiro VG-10 16 Layer nakiri vegetable knife. It has 16 layers of stainless steel that brings stronger and durability. As for, its performance, beauty, and extraordinary it becomes a trendy nakiri knife overall. The whole knife is stain resistant and spine thickness is 2mm that’s very incredible.

This knife is also known as a Japanese vegetable knife. Because of, it is a Japanese double-edged knife with a flat cutting edge. The flatness allows knife to contact with the cutting board with each single stroke. In this case, you can cut down everything perfectly & smoothly. Yoshihiro nakiri knife specially made for cut thinly slicing delicate tomatoes, chopping vegetables for salad, and more.

Yoshihiro Nakiries is made in Japan and the Japanese really proud of it. Its handle is so sturdy and made of premium Western Style Handle. Its hammered texture will provide you more cutting surfaces. Interestingly, the Yoshihiro knife is handcrafted by master artisans. Their masters create a unique one-of-a-kind work of art. Moreover, it’s Sharpening and honing power is so fantastic. Remember, do not uses objects like bones, nutshells, and frozen foods.

  • More durable and stable.
  • Because of the thin body, it’s super sharp.
  • Hammer style handle is more adjustable in hand.
  • It’s a stain resistance blade.
  • Very functional knife to use.
  • Balanced and Fitness brings more Comfort.
  • Typical and classic knife best for beginners.
  • You can’t cut hard objects like bones, hard meats, and freeze items.

Brooklyn Knife Co. Cleaver Nakiri Butcher Knife


  • Japanese AUS-08 High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Made with anti-corrosion properties
  • 100% lifetime warranty
  • Weight: 1.23 pounds
  • Rockwell hardness of 59
  • Free vegan lather
  • 7-inches blade & 5-inch handle & 2-inch tall

Talk about the high-impact resistance and affordable nakiri knife then Brooklyn nakiri Knife could be a better choice. It has the best steel for nakiri, the Japanese AUS-08 high carbon stainless steel. Everybody wants to have a budget nakiri knife. But without strong material, your budges nakiri won’t be worth it for you. Brooklyn Co. Cleaver Nakiri Butcher Knife belongs Carbon Fiber Series that is a rare material now.

Mince and chopping are easier and friendly with this best nakiri knife. Its blade is super sharp, durable edge and contains anti-corrosion properties. The Carbon Fibers ergonomic handle offers high tensile strength and low weight. Its weight is only 1.23 pounds that makes it a lightweight nakiri knife ever. The demission of this nakiri is so admirable. 7 inches blade and 5-inches handle, the total size of this nakiri is 12-inch. 2-inch tall blades can cut every large vegetable like pumpkin, cabbage, and more.

The cool feature includes in this knife is Rockwell hardness of 59. Rockwell 59 ensures that your blade will complete all the challenges whatever you want. Astoundingly, you can gift this nakiri to anyone because it has a tremendous box and free vegan leather. The best part of this Japanese vegetable knife is you will get a 100% lifetime guaranty for this amazing nakiri knife.

  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • High carbon still means it will not break while cutting vegetables.
  • It is a High durable & strongly stable.
  • The blade is so thick and sharp for cutting everything.
  • Very affordable & it has a warranty.
  • Giftable and quite beautiful.
  • You can’t cut meat with it because it’s a vegetable knife.

Wusthof Nakiri Knife 7-inch Hollow Edge & Forged Legende Series

Best Nakiri Knife


  • 58 Rockwell Hardness
  • 14° PETEC blade edge
  • Made in Solingen, Germany
  • G10 polymer handle
  • 2-2.5 in width
  • 7″ Hollow Edge

Who doesn’t know about Wusthof nakiri knife? In my opinion, in the best nakiri knife Wusthof classic knife is the best nakiri knife UK. It became more popular because of its performance and well-structured materials. Rather than a Brooklyn knife, Wusthof knife is more reliable. The reason is its 58 Rockwell hardness. The Wusthof Legende Hollow Edge Nakiri combines the features that impress chefs a lot.

In the entire Wusthof classic knife catalog, only this nakiri known as the Wusthof hollow edge chef’s knife. Particularly, it has the most unique blade-like 14° PETEC blade edge. These blades are so acute to cut large fruits and vegetables in a second. Its demission is quite good with 7″ Hollow Edge. Not only Wusthof manufactures have only 7” blade but also they have lots of sizes of the knife. Their knife sizes included a 3.5-inches paring knife to 9” double serrated bread knife.

Wusthof 7” hollow edge nakiri knife belongs from Forged Legende Series. In truly, Wusthof is one of the remarkable companies that bring lots of prevailing knives already. G-10 polymer handle will be correctly adjusting you while you cut down your salad, and curry vegetables. With its ultra-lightweight body with a 2.5-inch width blade, you will feel like a professional when you’re eligible to cut vegetables.

  • Very lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Its handle shape is more supported and adjustable in your hand.
  • It will not slip while cutting.
  • It’s a famous and functional knife you can use.
  • It’s quite expensive.

Imarku Nakiri Chef Knife 7 inch

Best Nakiri Knife


  • Knife Weight- 8.8 oz
  • Rockwell hardness- 58+1
  • Length- 12-inch
  • 1.7-inch tall
  • ebony Pakka Wood handle
  • Lifetime warranty & Ideal Gift
  • Non-sticky blade
  • handcrafted knife

Imarku is the only knife which is combining with Usuba and nakiri both. This Imarku knife is a Japanese and German structured knife. Imarku Nakiri Chef Knife made of High Carbon German Stainless Steel which belongs from pure and durable materials. The original fact is, Imarku knife is totally a handcrafted design. Indeed, this knife knows as multipurpose Asian Nakiri Vegetable Cleaver Knife for both Home and Kitchen.

Non-sticky blade, Air-Blade Design, and hammered indentations makes Imarku nakiri ensure its slice flow quite smoothly. The HRC (Rockwell Hardness Scale) of this knife is 57±1. HRC made this knife as a multipurpose chef’s knife. It’s quite excellent for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing because of its edge sharpness. The size of blade is 7-inch and 5-inch ergonomic handle the total size of the knife is 12-inch.

Imarku nakiri blade is 1.8-inch tall. The handle of this best nakiri knife is made of ebony Pakka Wood. The weight of this nakiri knife is too lightweight, only 8.8 OZ. But the steel of blade is quite persistent to cut down every single vegetable. Interestingly, this Usuba nakiri knife is can cut meats and it’s not like other nakiri knife. You can’t wash it inside a dishwasher so try to wash it by your hand. You will have lifetime warranty with this knife and it could be a pretty ideal gift from the best kitchen accessories.

  • Very lightweight and handy.
  • Most popular and so cheap.
  • You can cut fish and meat too with this nakiri knife.
  • Handle shape is perfectly attachable in your hand.
  • This knife is chefs recommended.
  • I really didn’t find any disadvantages of this best nakiri knife.

TITAN FORGE present Nakiri & Vegetable Knife 7-inch Pro Series Knives

Best Nakiri Knife


  • Made with Engineer Geometry
  • 7CR17MOV High-Carbon steel material
  • NSF Certified
  • Uniquely full tang
  • 57 Rockwell hardness
  • 14-15 Degree extra steep blade angle
  • Anti-slip Ultra-grip
  • Superior edge retention
  • Weight- 3.2 ounces
  • 7-inch blade & 5.5-inch handle

Titan nakiri knife is the safest, fastest, and elegant nakiri knife in the globe. Uniquely, it’s the only blade in my list which has NSF certification. Titan Forge is a very reliable and well-known manufactures for best knives. This 7-inch knife comes from their pro series knives and it is made with Engineer Geometry. Its blade is expertly crafted and thoughtfully engineered for butchers, chefs, and ordinary people.

It deserves in the top position for its high-quality materials, like 7CR17MOV High-Carbon steel. With uniquely full tang is Rockwell hardness is 57-59. In fact, because of Rockwell’s hardness, you can cut 14-15 degrees an extra steep blade angle. The edge retention of this best nakiri knife is a screamingly sharp and double-bevel edge. Particularly, the Titan knife is stain and corrosion-resistant.

The 5.5-inch handle is so good and makes it a handy knife. Anti-slip ultra-grip won’t fall slip while cutting foods. The handle made of ABS/TPE polymer blend black that ensures you it’s a heat, cold, and moisture resistant grip. Titan nakiri knife is cost-effective and it could be a better investment. The whole knife is made of high standards and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified. Uniquely, Titan Forge Pro Series Promise to you 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee.

  • You can cut meat, vegetables, and fish with it.
  • Not-sticky blade.
  • It’s made of High-standard and quality full materials.
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified.
  • Lightweight and handy.
  • It’s so cheap and affordable.
  • You will have money back guaranty.
  • There have no disadvantages to this nakiri knife.

TUO Nakiri Knife, Japanese Chef Knife German


  • Weight- 8.2 ounces
  • X50CrMov15 (Din. 1.4116) stainless steel
  • Pakkawood full G-10 tang handle
  • Length 6.5-inch blade
  • Blade height- 3.15-inch
  • Rockwell Hardness Scale HRC56±2
  • TUO Lifetime Power

Regarding the best nakiri knife, the TUO nakiri knife is a great functional knife ever. It is a world-wide nakiri knife, which is made by Japanese structure and its steel from German. That’s the only reason it calls the Japanese Chef Knife German. If you’re searching for an outstanding sharper, stronger, and durability nakiri knife then TOU might be a preferred one. You will 100% satisfaction or money back guaranty, so, what are you waiting for?

TOU nakiri Is very reliable manufacture for knives. For instance, they always provide stable materials. As for, this knife is made with X50CrMov15 (Din. 1.4116) stainless German steel. Some famous brands like W-M-F, ZWIILL, and Wu-though they also use this steel. Unimaginable, this nakiri knife blade has 67 alternating layers of steel. The Rockwell hardness scale is HRC56±2. Total 58 HRC means your blade going to cut every single vegetable.

Like other nakiri knives, its weight is too lightweight its whole weight is 8.2 ounces. Indeed, this weight going to give you more comfortable while cutting. The length of this blade is 6.5-inch and the handle is 4.5-inch. The handle comes with a handy shape and made of pure Pakkawood full G-10 tang. Therefore, this handle will get no shrimp, no expansion, and no crack. Further, its handle looks more luxurious and beautiful than other kitchen knife brands’ handle.

  • Full of layers and durable steel will worth it for you.
  • You can cut every hard vegetable with it.
  • The handle is so handy to catch.
  • Very fashionable and functional.
  • Affordable and good quality.
  • Tou nakiri knife isn’t supported to cut meat and frozen foods.

Cleaver nakiri Knife N6-Chinese Vegetable Stainless

Best Nakiri knife


  • German 5Cr15Mov stainless steel
  • 56+ Rockwell hardness
  • 5.4-inch handle & 6.89-inch blade
  • Weight- 7.49 OZ
  • Thickness- 0.1-inch
  • Soft Pakkawood handle
  • Wave pattern design
  • Giftable &chefs recommended

Searching a traditional and classic nakiri knife? Then you must try Cleaver nakiri knife. It is an N6-nakiri knife from Cleaver nakiri knife series. It became a top-rated and top-selling knife because of its abilities and looks. Most uniquely, it has a wave pattern design on the below level of the blade. That wave pattern provides more beauty in this best nakiri knife. It is a flexible knife for all kinds of heavy-duty preps, such as slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing.

The PAUDIN cleavers knife is made of German 5Cr15Mov stainless steel but it’s not a real Damascus. The HRC is 56+ which means you will get average sharpness from this knife. The facts are the world-renowned cutlery brands including ZWIILL, W-M-F, and SHUN they also use the same steel. Particularly, this steel is rustproof and will stay with high durableness for long time use. The ergonomics shape of the blades handle is balanced which ensures perfect and fast cut.

A soft Pakkawood handles adjusted in the Japanese nakiri knife’s blade. And that creates a comfortable grip. It’s not a heavyweight knife it’s too lightweight, only 7.49 OZ. The total size of the cleaver knife is 12.29inch, including a 6.89-inch blade and a 5.4-inch handle. Thickness is 0.1-inch; I hope you understand how sharp it will be. Therefore, it could be an elegant nakiri knife than zelite nakiri knife, wahoo nakiri knife, and shun nakiri knife.

  • Very designable and fashionable.
  • Affordable and too cheap.
  • Very convenient to use and cut.
  • You will get either guaranteed or 100% satisfaction.
  • The size and shape of the knife is so good to cut everything.
  • You can cut fish, meat, and freezer food with it.
  • The handle will not break or crack.
  • Best than other branded nakiri knife.
  • This knife’s overall rate is 95/100 that means it hasn’t any cons yet.

Things to Consider before buying (Buying Guide)

Now you complete 70% of nakiri knife review. You might elect to buy the best nakiri knife for you. The majority of nakiri knives are structured as a classic knife. Classic means better material, better size, and sharper and reasonable prices. But before buying a nakiri knife you should consider some points like blade materials, handle quality, price and sharpness. All the above, let’s read the nakiri knife buying guide.

Blade Material

In this 7 best nakiri knife reviews most of the blade materials are German stainless steel. German stainless steel is the very best and top quality of steel in the entire world. Other steel is better but not as good as German steel.

So, before buying your nakiri knife must follow is the blade made of German steel or not. German 5Cr15Mov stainless steel & X50CrMov15 stainless steel are the most durable steel. So, look at the blade materials quality before buying a nakiri knife.

Handle Quality

We have seen before many types of nakiri knife handle such as Pakkawood, Steel, polymer, mahogany handle. The entire handles are so durable and stable. But nowadays as for demand, Pakkawood is most sturdy and strong for the handle.

Cleaver nakiri knife, TOU nakiri knife, Enso nakiri knife, top-rated santoku knife, and tsubazo nakiri knife handles are also made of Pakkawood. From my suggestion, always choose Pakkawood to handle able nakiri knife.


Well, what is nakiri knife price? Maybe you’re questioning for a while. The Best Nakiri knife isn’t so expensive. If I give you an idea about the price of the nakiri knife, that would be 25-150$. In my 7 best nakiri knife list most of the nakiri knives price is lower than 40$.

But there have 3 nakiri knives, that price is under 120$. In this price case, you don’t have to pay more to have the best nakiri. You can have your best knife in 25-40$.


Without knowing the sharpness abilities buying a nakiri knife is worthless. When it comes to buying a knife we always check fist how sharp that knife is. Therefore, before buying your own nakiri knife look at the Rockwell hardness scale. If the Rockwell hardness scale number is between 56-60HRC that means that knife is really a sharpened one. So, please follow these things and consider before buying a nakiri knife.


Is Nakiri knife is for vegetables and fruits only?

Not really all the nakiri knife exclusively for vegetables and fruits. But 70% of nakiri knives are made for only vegetables and fruits. In my 7 best nakiri knife list, there have two knives that can cut fish, meats, and other foods. But the other 5 nakiri knives are structured for only cut bread, vegetables, and fruits. So, if you want to cut meat and fish with your nakiri then you have a cleaver nakiri knife and Titan nakiri knife.

What is a nakiri knife used for?

Nakiri is a Japanese knife that is made for cutting fruits, vegetables, and slices of bread. Few of the nakiri can cut fish, meat, and Freeze foods. The mainly nakiri knife is used is cut vegetables. Its blade surface is quite great to cut vegetables. That’s the reason chefs; butchers and professionals are mostly using this nakiri knife.

Can you prefer us the best nakiri knife?

Well, I already create a list of 7 best nakiri knives. After considering all the materials, sharpness, handle quality, durability & price all knives are great and I can prefer you all. But in specifically, Also cleaver nakiri knife & titan nakiri knife could be a great choice for you. In alternatively, you can choose other 5 nakiri knives also.

What knives do chefs prefer?

Perhaps, we all know nakiri is the first choice for chefs and experts. But when it comes to recommending something chefs always find the best nakiri knife. I see most of the chefs prefer the nakiri knife that is Wusthof nakiri knife.

Indeed, you can choose other Wusthof nakiri knives like wüsthof model 4195 7, Wusthof 20 piece knife set, Wusthof 4182, and wüsthof nakiri ikon.

“Nakiri knife vs Usuba” which is the best?

Finally, the most popular question has come, Nakiri knife vs Usuba knife which one is better. Well, both the nakiri knife and the Usuba knife are from Japan. These two Greatest and typical classic knives already reach the top level in the markets worldwide.

The difference between them is the thickness of their blades. Usuba knife is thicker than Nakiri knife. Mostly, Usuba used for making sushi and normal vegetables cut. People also call it a nakiri knife vs chef knife. Generally, both knives are famous for their abilities but nakiri is a little bit better than the Usuba knife.

Final Verdict

We are in the finishing line now and its decision time. You came here to see which 7 best nakiri knives I’m suggesting everyone. In reality, there has no doubt in these amazing 7 Nakiries. Not only these knives are capable of cut vegetables but also some of these will works for cut meat, fish, and freeze items.

I put all the information I have about the best nakiries. The million-dollar question is which one you want to purchase. In fact, you can search the best nakiri knife Reddit they also show you the best and popular nakiri knives. I hope you will follow my other best kitchen accessories in the future. In conclusion, thanks for spending your time with my nakiri review. Have fun and stay safe.

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