Best Magnetic Knife Holder – Buying guide, Classification, Test in 2020

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To simplify your daily life in the kitchen and guarantee the storage of your knives, it is better to opt for safe and reliable support. The magnetic support is the ultimate today. To be completely satisfied with your purchase and have no regrets, here are the 3 points on which you must base yourself: the power of the magnet, the fixing system, and the aesthetics. You firmly wish to acquire a magnetic knife holder, but you do not have the opportunity to take a look at our buying guide to consult all our selections. Below are 2 great options. Those who give importance to the look will opt for this Andrew James Professional which is made of stainless steel. This holder can hold a large number of knives as well as other metal tools that you need in the kitchen. On the other hand, Lacor 39008 is a good alternative option thanks to its easy fixing system.

How to choose the best magnetic holder for knives?

For obvious reasons of security, but also of storage, it is important to have an accessory to store your kitchen knives. The knife block or knife holder is one of the most suitable solutions. To help you choose the right product, follow our tips for buying a good magnetic knife stand. This buying guide for the best magnetic holders for knives will help you step by step to know the criteria for buying this product.

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Purchase guide

The capacity of the magnetic holder for knives

Before asking yourself the question how to buy a magnetic support for knives of a better value for money, you must first know that these accessories are only compatible with knives having steel. Thus, ceramic knives will not adhere to this support.

To choose your magnetic support, you also need to know the capacity of it. How many knives in total can adhere to the support? It is according to this answer that you will choose the model you need according to the number of knives that you want to store.

The average capacity of magnetic knife supports on the market varies between 3 knives to more than ten knives.

Some supports have storage systems for different knife sizes while others offer a single size. You will take this criterion into account during your price comparison.

The magnetic holder material for knives

The magnetic support has a magnet which adheres the knives having a steel on the accessory. But in reality, your knives will not adhere directly to the magnet in question for reasons of hygiene, but also because it is difficult and quite dangerous to remove them directly from a magnet. For this purpose, the magnetic supports have a wooden tray which accommodates your knives.

This wood can be bamboo, beech, ash pine or pear wood. You will choose according to the color and the design that you want to impose in your kitchen. For a more traditional visual, you can opt for a magnetic wooden support.

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

The design of the magnetic knife holder

Design should not be overlooked when choosing. A magnetic knife holder can take the form of an inclined plate or a block.

The inclined plate allows the knives to be arranged according to their lengths and sizes. It brings a design touch to your knife storage. In addition, this support is very practical and modern.

For a more retro and more standard look, you can find models in magnetic block which are also aesthetic. Magnetic blocks can take many forms.

Now that you have the shopping tips in hand, you can now tackle the question where to buy a new magnetic knife holder.

The best magnetic racks for knives of 2020

There is a way to efficiently and beautifully store your kitchen knives. Magnetic media are among them. If you are looking to find out how to choose the best magnetic knife racks of 2020, you can use the products that we offer below for comparison.

Recommended products

Andrew James Professional

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Main advantage

The first advantage of this magnetic knife holder is its resistance. Made of stainless steel, it is very robust and allows you to use it over time.

Main drawback

The only downside noted by users on this model is its installation, especially when installing the screws. But with the right equipment, everything goes well.

Verdict 9.8 / 10

It is quality support which keeps the knives properly. Due to its manufacturing material, it perfectly resists the wear of time. But its installation, which is somewhat problematic, explains that it did not have the maximum score.

Main Features Explained

The performance

The magnets of this model are strong enough to support up to 3 kg of load. You can thus put several knives at the same time, without risking seeing them fall. The location of these is optimized, your children are not likely to be injured. This magnetic support measures 45 cm in length, which is more than enough to place many knives.

Very easy to install, this model will allow you to no longer store your kitchen utensils in drawers or to leave them on the worktop, places where children will have easy access.

In short, this equipment is very efficient, allowing you to properly support your knives so that you can easily catch them when you need them.

Best Magnetic Knife Holder


Designed in a modern design, this knife holder adapts perfectly to all styles of decoration, contemporary, retro or modern. It thus finds its place in any decor. Stainless steel, which is the material used to make it, gives it a versatile, modern look, allowing you to put it in your kitchen, whatever the style of it.

This material is also elegant and enhances the design of this piece. Its magnetic stainless steel rod adds a degree of style to the whole. In particular, it guarantees cleanliness since it is very easy to clean. You just need to wipe it with a sponge. In addition, if you do not have several knives at home, know that this object is compatible with all metallic materials. You can for example place your scissors there, so that they are out of the reach of children.

Easy maintenance

This stainless steel support does not require a large maintenance procedure. You just need to clean it at least once every 2 days. No need for tools or specific products, what you have on hand will suffice. Very light, it can be moved according to your desires, or if you have to move, the screws can be removed and replaced without any problem.

Presenting itself as a long bar, this support can be installed wherever you want. However, remember to put it out of the sight of children to limit the risk of accident. You should also check the intended location and consider the tools to hang on it. If you are looking for magnetic supports for practical knives, do not hesitate to analyze this model which could meet your needs.

Lacor 39008 

Best Magnetic Knife Holder

Many users consider it the best magnetic holder for knives. Indeed, the characteristic that really distinguishes it is the power of its magnets. This Lacor 39008 has very strong magnets that hang and adhere to all knives, regardless of their weight or size. You will not have to worry about finding the support that will go perfectly with all your knives.

In addition, thanks to its length of 39.4cm by 5.6cm, it can adhere a large number of knives of different sizes.

Very easy to install, this Lacor magnetic support shows a modern and aesthetic look once properly installed. You can install it at the height you want for security reasons. Installation is easy and once in place, the Lacor 39008 magnetic knife stand offers a nice hanging on the wall. Besides, the screws below are already supplied with the product. And you just have to get down to its installation without wasting time.

Even if the magnets of this support are very strong, it should be noted that you will meet only a weak resistance when you remove the knives from the support. Everything is therefore very secure.

Lacor is the benchmark if you are looking for the best brand of magnetic knife racks. Being the leader in Spain in the manufacture of kitchen utensils, the firm gives its customers the benefit of its 60 years of experience. Here, we will present the Lacor model – 39008.

  • The brand: Armed with its experience and the ingenuity of its experts, you will be fully satisfied with the choice of Lacor 39008 magnetic knife stand. It can suit you if you want to have the best performance. 

  • The magnets: Compared to other models, the Lacor – 39008 stands out for the power of its magnets. It is therefore able to hold many knives securely. It can even hold other tools, such as scissors.

  • The fixing system: According to the opinion of some buyers, the fixing system of this Lacor – 39008 for knives is a bit tight, which does not allow it to be installed on any support.

 Judge TC67

If you don’t know which is the best magnetic knife holder on the market, you may be interested in the Judge Horwood Homewares. Indeed, it is a magnetic support for knives which is basic, but functional. Ideally, he takes care of the knives which will adhere perfectly to the support.

This magnetic holder has an average length of 30.5cm and you can hang at least three kitchen knives of any size.

You will not have to worry about what type of knife goes with this accessory, since it is ideal for all types of kitchen knives could hang with a magnet. Its quality-ratio is very suitable and moreover its manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee for this product.

In order to make your installation easier, the Judge Horwood Homewares is delivered with fixing screws for all types of walls or supports. You can install the support out of the reach of your children.

Which magnetic holder for knives to choose? Do not hesitate to take a tour of the advantages and technical specifications of the Judge TC67 model if you cannot decide. Whatever type of knives you have, it can hold them effectively.  

  • The establishment: Armed with its experience and the ingenuity of its experts, you will be fully satisfied with the choice of Lacor 39008 magnetic knife stand. It can suit you if you want to have the best performance. 

  • Value for money:  With this Judge TC67, you can especially benefit from an excellent quality-price ratio. Being an accessible magnetic holder for knives, it remains efficient and of high quality.
  • The dimension : The purchasers of this magnetic knife holder cannot fault it, except its size, which remains quite small. However, it may be suitable for more or less moderate uses. 

Kela 15716

Kela is a German brand that specializes in kitchen and bathroom items and accessories. If you’re looking for a magnetic holder that doesn’t have too many frills, but is just as functional, then you could buy the Kela 15716.

This support is ideal for all those who have a certain number of knives scattered in the kitchen and who would like to store them. Indeed, thanks to its length reaching 45 cm, this magnetic support for Kela knives is able to accommodate more than a dozen knives on it. All you have to do is find a place to install it.

This equipment is both a kitchen accessory and a garage accessory, because the power of its magnet is quite high. This magnetic support can also find its use in a garage to hang all your small tools.

The Kela 15716 is made with quality 18/10 stainless steel and this makes it robust, but also easy to maintain. Its longevity is also ensured by this fact.

Finally, in order to speed up the mounting of this magnetic support, its manufacturer has already delivered the installation screws in the batch.

Kela is one of the German brands specializing in the manufacture of a wide range of kitchen and bathroom accessories. If you are looking for a reliable magnetic knife holder, you can choose the Kela 15716.

  • The Length: This magnetic wall holder for knives is 45 cm long. It is thus able to hold several knives at the same time and can optimize the storage of these utensils, not to mention the ease of use that this location provides.   

  • Design: If it were in a classification, the Kela 15716 would appear in particular among the magnetic supports provided with a unique design of its kind, both original and modern. 

  • The quality of the material: This magnetic knife holder is made of quality 18/10 stainless steel. Robust and resistant, it is also very easy to maintain. Just clean it with a damp cloth.

  • The Plastic Support: This Kela 15716 has a rather imposing plastic support used to retain the magnetic support and which is not really appreciated by some consumers.

Meco Mural

Our comparison continues with the Meco kitchen magnetic bar. Very colorful compared to other products in its category, the Meco magnetic support is an aesthetic accessory that will harmonize in the decorations thanks to its color.

If you are looking more for a magnetic holder for cheap knives, this one correctly answers this question.

Strong, simple and functional, this magnetic knife bar performs its first task correctly of receiving kitchen knives of all kinds.

The power of its magnets is average, but can safely hold not too heavy knives, spoons and metal spatulas.

Thanks to the thickness of the support which is 1.2 cm, it is easier for you to remove and take hold of your knives when you want to remove them.

Like many other magnetic media, this one can also be used in the garage to hang your tools.

The MECO Wall can particularly make you happy if you need a magnetic holder for knives of excellent quality and a very attractive design, but which is cheaper. Having a strong attraction at a distance, it can give you a real feeling of security.

  • The material: This MECO Wall magnetic holder has a thermoplastic structure which gives it all its robustness. Measuring approximately 33 x 3.3cm x 1.2 cm or 13.2 x 1.32 x 0.47 inch, it is able to hold different types of knives. You can even put spatula spoons and light irons in it. 

  • Design: Space-saving and elegantly designed, the MECO Murale can decorate your kitchen, in addition to storing your knives.

  • The Power of the magnet : Some users have noticed that when the knife is a little too heavy, this magnetic support cannot hold them properly.

Andrew James 5060146063920 

The Andrew James 5060146063920 magnetic knife holder is a very aesthetic and design magnetic holder in any kitchen. It comes in the form of a long magnetic bar which hangs and screws onto the wall of your kitchen. Thanks to its installation mode, it can be placed as you see fit. For safety reasons, you can place it high enough out of the reach of your children.

Its dimensions of 45cm in length by 6cm in width make it a magnetic support capable of accommodating a good number of knives of different sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest. As a guide, you can put up to eight knives in it.

Thanks to its magnetic stainless steel rod, this magnetic support is very elegant. In addition, stainless steel gives it great strength and a certain modern look. In fact, stainless steel makes this magnetic support easy to maintain and keep clean.

The Andrew James can hold not only knives, but any other metal object or accessory you want to put in it. For example, you can place kitchen scissors or rasps.

Its use is easy and the knives adhere perfectly to the support. It is also not a dangerous move to remove your knives from the holder when you need them.

If you are constantly wondering where to buy the best magnetic knife holder, but still cannot find the right answer, you can consider the features of the Andrew James 5060146063920 that we are going to suggest to you.

  • The Performance : You can hang your knives safely and reliably on the Andrew James 5060146063920. It has powerful magnets to hold a large number of knives and make them more accessible.

  • Design: Made of stainless steel, the magnetic holder for Andrew James knives 5060146063920 has a modern design and can blend into any type of decor. 

  • The  Installation: This magnetic knife holder is very easy to set up, whatever the desired height. In addition, it is also suitable for other metal objects and scissors.  

  • The Installation : According to the test of those who were able to acquire this Andrew James magnetic support, the difficulty would be in the placement of the screws, but with more thoroughness, they succeeded.

How to use a magnetic knife holder?

The magnetic knife holder is one of the best ways to efficiently store kitchen utensils. After purchasing this type of material, you should first appear handling it. Our article aims to help you in this quest. It tells you how to get the most out of your equipment.

Install your hardware

Before using it, it is always necessary to install it. It would not be practical for the job if you leave it on the table or in your closet. The best alternative would be to position it in wall mode. Generally, you don’t need to resort to specific DIY skills. This type of equipment is easily installed with only screws. If you prefer to avoid making holes in your decoration, you can consider using modular dough.

Check its capacity

Do not overload your magnetic media. Make sure you respect the number of knives that your utensil can hold. This will allow you not to clutter your space, but also to avoid quickly damaging your equipment.

Consider the performance of the magnets

Magnetic supports have the particularity of fixing the knives using the magnets present in their structure. You will need to look into this feature and make sure that the removal of your utensils does not cause you any worries. They should be detachable with a simple hand, but conversely, the magnets must have the ability to keep your knives suspended indefinitely. Certain model is especially sought by buyers by the power of the magnets with which it is equipped. With this, you have the possibility of installing various tools such as scissors, spatulas or spoons.

Inspect its manufacturing materials

It is always necessary to look into the material of making the utensils that you are going to use. Magnetic media are no exception. The kitchen is a space where moisture may be present. Therefore, make sure that your equipment offers effective resistance attributes against this kind of phenomenon to minimize the risk of damage that could damage it. There is a model entirely made of quality 18/10 stainless steel. This design guarantees robustness to any test.

Take a look at its design

Aesthetics is also an element to take into account. Make sure that your model adapts perfectly to the decoration of your kitchen space. Make sure to install it in a strategic location to highlight the peculiarities and appearance of your equipment. Certain support presents an authentic aspect which allows it to accommodate all styles of interiors.

Maintain your equipment

In order to benefit from optimal use and guarantee a good longevity of your equipment, make sure to maintain it regularly. Before taking this action, it is preferable to remove the knives which are present on the support. For cleaning, nothing could be simpler: avoid immersing it in water. You can use a slightly damp piece of cloth to remove dust or any stains that may be there.

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