Best Copper Cookware Sets [Buying Guide and Safety]

Are you looking for a guide on the Best Copper Cookware Sets? Copper cookware is said to be the suitable food preparation utensils for the kitchen as many cooking experts agree on its advantages compared to other cookware sets made of aluminum and other types of metal. As you can see in cooking demonstrations performed by well-known chefs in the cooking industry, most of them are using copper cookware for their demos. Even in the ordinary home kitchens many cooking enthusiasts or chef wannabes are already switching to make use of copper cookware instead of the traditional kitchen utensils. Let’s find out why copper is the best type of metal for cookware.

What is a Copper Cookware?

Here’s a complete guide on what is a Copper Cookware. Generally, the most common types of metal used for cookware are aluminum, cast iron, carbon or stainless steel, and copper. Every metal has its own thermal or heat conductivity, which is a very important factor in cooking to get the best results. According to metal experts, copper has high level of heat conductivity which is incomparable to other metal types. When you apply heat to the copper cookware, for example a frying pan, the heat transfer is very fast and will be spread evenly throughout the utensil. There’s no hot or cold spot if you use copper cookware, which means that every part of the pan have equal heat and browning the food becomes easier and with less worries. That is only of the big advantages when you use copper cookware and there are more you have to learn.

Since the heat conductivity in copper cookware is the highest against the other cookware sets for the kitchen, this also means that you can save a lot of time on your cooking sessions. If in the past you need to wait for several minutes before the pan can reach the right temperature, using a copper cookware can provide you less time for your waiting as it heats up faster so you can start cooking without more ado. Time is essential in cooking, the faster you can finish then you also save in energy consumption, and you can get it from using copper cookware.

Most chefs and food experts are amazed not only on the quality of cooking that cooking cookware can provide them, but also to its classy and chic appearance. You can enjoy much inside your kitchen once you see your copper cookware glowing due to their shiny finish, seems like it’s always attracting you to cook more and impress your house guests. Because of their elegant look, displaying the copper cookware also adds up on the elegance and good ambiance in your kitchen.

Moreover, another benefit of copper cookware as the best cooking utensils inside the kitchen is its durability that lasts for several years if properly being taken care of. However, the only drawback of buying copper cookware is in terms of its prize which is typically expensive compared to other cookware set. But, because of its unbeatable toughness, this will limit you from buying new cookware set from time to time that also saves your money in effect. Therefore, in terms of practicality, copper cookware is truly the appropriate food preparation utensils for home use and professional application. Let’s find out the best brands of copper cookware for your main reference.

The Best Copper Cookware

When you buy copper cookware, it is better to purchase them in a set rather than buying them piece by piece which can save a lot on your budget. Nevertheless, once you preferred to buy a complete set, there is no way you can choose for the utensils, so try to buy first your basic set and add the other utensils to complete your copper cookware set. Just always put in your mind that the best brands are normally high-priced and choosing the wrong ones will just provide you disappointment. Thus, to reduce your burden in selecting the best copper cookware, here is the list of the famous brands in the market today.

Topping in the list is Mauviel, which is one of the oldest manufacturers of copper cookware in the industry. Mauviel is famous with their energy-efficient copper cookware (with lifetime warranty) having thick copper which is industry-standard and preferred by most chefs. On the other hand, Falk is next to Mauviel when speaking of quality and durability; as you can find in most copper cookware reviews in the internet that these two famous brands are always on the top three.

Other well-known copper cookware brands are Calphalon, Ruffoni, Revere, Baurnalu, Bourgeat, Chefmate, Cuisinart, and All Clad Cookware. Bear in mind that buying copper cookware is an investment; so choose only the brands which has limited warranty on their products and with good linings as well.

Copper Cookware Care and Safety

Furthermore, there are people that have sensitivity to certain types of metals which causes allergic reaction. Nickel, for example, can cause allergy to some individuals and must be avoided when buying copper cookware sets which have nickel linings on the utensils. Even the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) already warned the public against purchasing cookware set with unlined copper as it can be dangerous when cooking; hence an ideal copper cookware has protective lining like stainless steel.

Copper poisoning can be possible also if the linings are damaged due to excessive scrubbing or prolong cooking of acidic foods. That’s why thickness is a big factor to consider prior to your purchase of cookware set, particularly to copper cookware.

Normally, the manufacturer itself will provide you safety guidelines for the maintenance of the cookware set from cleaning the items up to their proper storage. Read carefully the instructional manual included in the package as well as the terms and conditions that covers the warranty of the cookware set. When cleaning, it advisable to use anti-tarnish cream instead of abrasive cleaners to avoid damage or scratches on the utensils. And also, let the pan to cool first before you proceed in washing. Your copper cookware set will last for many years once you’ve followed these hints and tips we have arranged for you.

Bourgeat copper cookware

The Bourgeat copper cookware are made in France, the solid copper construction is very thick, at 2.5mm which makes it an excellent heat conductor, the interior is lined with an 18/10 stainless steel which is a thoughtful design to aid care and maintenance. The Bourgeat copper cookware are handmade for the professional kitchen, the markings or the irregularities are not defects but are marks of authenticity and inherent qualities of the materials used.

Bourgeat copper cookware


  • Body uses red copper
  • Stainless steel interior lining
  • Cast iron handle is riveted
  • Reinforced edge which adds for durability and provides non-drop feature
  • Easy maintenance

Pros and Cons

The Bourgeat cookware is thick and heavy, it has generous amounts of copper in the body which makes superb heat conduction, it saves energy because you will not need a lot of heat to cook the food. The copper responds immediately to temperature input which is very important for precision cooking. The cookware also has very uniform heat distribution which results to the food cooking evenly. The riveted cast iron handle allows you to handle the pot without getting burnt because cast iron heats can stay cooler for longer than the copper body. The edge of the cookware has been reinforced to make the body more sturdy and it also prevents drip when pouring. The stainless steel lining adds to the durability of the construction because, unlike tin, which other copper cookware used for lining, stainless is almost indestructible and will not need maintenance for the lifespan of the cookware. Stainless also makes cleaning very easy. The structure of the cookware is mostly copper, which makes excellent heat conduction, it responds quickly as the temperature changes and transfers the heat to the food in a uniform way that is why the food cooks evenly.

The Bourgeat copper Cookware is very heavy and can get very hot. Like all other copper cookware also, it cannot be washed in an automatic dishwasher, it needs to be hand washed.

The Bourgeat Copper Cookware are bought separately, you may find them in sets of 8, if you do, you can expect to pay around $1,900, they are not cheap but they are very durable and last for a long time. The Bourgeat cookware is also very beautiful so it is well worth the investment.

Mauviel Copper Cookware

Mauviel Copper cookware combines tradition and modernism quite well, the Mauviel Company has been making cookware since 1830, that is a long time to be making cookware which means that all possible problems, glitches and/or enhancements has been thought of by Mauviel. There are many lines of cookware that Mauviel produces; one of them is the Cuprinox line. The Cuprinox line of products is typically constructed using thicker gauges of copper, about 2mm to 2.5mm thickness for the added strength. This makes the Cuprinox line a bit heavier than the usual cookware. The Cuprinox line is typically sold as a 5-piece cook set, but it can also be purchased separately.

Mauviel Copper Cookware


  • Made of 90% copper, includes a stainless steel lining and drip free edges.
  • Thick 2mm exterior copper material that provides excellent conductivity.
  • Safe for the oven
  • Recommended care is to hand wash
  • Cast iron handles are fixed using stainless rivets
  • Includes a lifetime warranty

Pros and Cons

Selecting a product from the Mauviel Copper Cookware listing is not an easy exercise; it can be confusing if one is not familiar with cookware as there are plenty of selections to choose from. If you are looking for professional grade cookware set, then the 2.5mm Cuprinox is the way to go. The basic rule of thumb on copper cookware is, the more copper the utensil has, the heavier and the more expensive it is. The top of the line Cuprinox is heavier than other cookware, which means it may not be easy to do some frying pan tosses with the Cuprinox; also decent upper body strength will go a long way when you start cooking with the Cuprinox.

The Mauviel Copper Cookware is easy to clean because of the stainless steel lining. Most commercial copper cleaners can polish the Cuprinox exterior; they are readily available from the hardware store. An alternative to copper cleaners is to just use plain elbow grease. The Cuprinox line is resistant to high temperatures and scouring pads on the inside, the stainless lining is very sturdy and will not need costly maintenance such as re-lining or re-tinning. The Cuprinox cookware heats up evenly, you can see it immediately when you use the pot for boiling water, the water bubbles are not confined to just a few hot spots at the bottom of the pot, it can be seen on the sides of the pot as well. The Cuprinox line comes with cast-iron handles that are secure fixed to the body using high-grade stainless steel rivets. The cast iron handle is easy to care for, just like any other cast iron skillet, it just needs to be seasoned before the first use, after that, clean up will be very easy and worry free.

The Cuprinox line of Mauviel copper cookware is for the professional chef or serious home chef, you can expect to pay at least $600 for the 5-piece set. The investment is well worth it because Mauviel Copper Cookware will last a long time; also the initial cost of cookware can be easily recouped from the savings of energy because you will use less energy when using copper cookware.

Revere Copper Cookware

The makers of Revere Copper Cookware are the same people behind some of most recognizable brands in the industry, Pyrex, Regent, ECKO, Magnalite, Baker’s Secret, OLFA, Chicago Cutlery, Corelle, OXO and Corningware just to name a few, Revere Copper Clad has got a good lineage, it includes a 9-piece cookware set which are necessary for a complete kitchen. Revere is has been making cookware for over sixty years using American craftsmanship.


  • -Thick copper base and brushed stainless steel body
  • -Soft to the touch handles with silicone sleeves
  • -Riveted handles
  • -25 year limited warranty

Pros and Cons

The stainless steel body of Rever copper cookware provides a non-reactive cooking surface, the sauces can even be stored in the stockpot and left in the fridge overnight without worrying that the food taste will be altered, stainless is an inert metal which does not react even to food with high acid contents. The stockpot which comes with set has plenty of room for soup or pasta that can feed a large family. The handles of the cookware are hollowed stainless steel which stays cool, even while in use in stove tops, the handles does not get searing hot. The handles also are very easy to grip because of the silicone sleeves. The large and thick copper base of the utensil improves heat conduction, copper is an excellent conductor of heat compared to other metals, this makes food preparation very precise because you can lower or turn up the heat at the precise timing called for by the recipe and you need not worry about the pan retaining some heat, thus resulting to overcooking or undercooking. The construction of the Revere Copper Clad is very rugged which makes it durable to last for a long time.

Cleaning and caring for the Revere Copper Clad cookware, as with any other copper cookware, requires a bit more than soap and water. Scouring pads can used to hasten the cleaning process, however, repeated use of scouring pads could mar the finish of the shiny cookware. There are cleaning solutions which can be bought for the copper base, elbow grease can even be applied if you wish to polish it, but there is another, rather unusual way to clean the copper base of the Revere. Using catsup is an equally effective way of cleaning copper bottoms, the pot just needs to be thoroughly washed and dried first, cover the copper bottom with a layer of catsup, rub the catsup against the copper bottom in a circular motion and let it soak for a couple of minutes. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Be mindful not to wash the cookware in a dishwashing machine, the manufacturer’s warranty will not cover any damage to the pot while cleaning it in an automatic dishwasher.

Falk Culinair Copper Cookware

Falk Culinair Copper Cookware is often compared to Mauviel cookware, both have excellent qualities. Falk is company in Belgium, north of Brussels in Wespelaar. They started making copper cookware some thirty years ago, while not as old Mauviel, Falk was the first one to introduced stainless lining into the copper cookware. Before Falk’s introduction of stainless lining in the copper cookware, most were using tin as a lining to the copper cookware, Falk changed all that by developing a technology which permanently bonds a very thin sheet of stainless onto the copper utensil.


  • -Bimetal technology bonding, a technology developed by Falk that permanently bonds 2.3mm of copper with 2m 18/10 grade of stainless steel.
  • -Cast Iron handles
  • -3mm rivets, Falk uses smaller rivets that results to lesser interference when stirring and whisking delicate food.
  • -Satinated finish

Pros and Cons

The Falk Culinair is heavy, just like a cast iron skillet. Like any other copper cookware, you cannot put this one on the dishwasher because the acid found on some soaps may tarnish the cookware. The recommended care procedure is to hand wash using BarKeepers Friend with Scotch Brite. You can only get it exclusively in the US from

Falk Culinair cookware is very easy to clean, the satiated finish, which is both beautiful and functional allows for a simple clean up that will require only Scotch Brite. More stubborn stains can be cleaned by just using vinegar and salt, then scrub it with Scotch Brite. The Falk Culinair pans respond to heat quickly and react extremely well to flame adjustments. Heat is distributed evenly across all surfaces of cookware; there are almost no hot spots. The cast iron handles are well balanced and very ergonomic, they do get warm to the touch and might get hot, but less quickly than aluminum or brass. The Falk Culinair does not have a shiny finish, the exterior is brushed which means finger print smudges are less of a problem, Falk thinks that brush finish is a more sensible design than shiny finish. The Bimetal bonding technology of Falk ensures that you the cookware will not need re-lining for a long time, this technique harnesses the conductive advantages of copper and the safety of a very inert metal, such as stainless to provide a very efficient cooking surface.

Falk Culinair cookware is for the professional chef; there are many celebrity chefs who prefer to use Falk. On the FAQ section of, it is mentioned that Tyler Florence does prefer to use Falk equipment. Home chefs can consider the Falk cookware too, if money is not an object, you can expect to pay $1,200 for a set. Falk has a copper chef set which includes the typical pieces of what a chef needs, a casserole, saucepan, sauté pan, a cover and a frying pan. The higher than average price tag should be viewed from a long-term perspective, Falk Culinair cookware is very durable and probably indestructible, hence in the long term it is cost savings, and in the medium term to long term, cooking with copper does result to gas or electricity savings.

The Calphalon Copper Cookware

The Calphalon copper cookware tri-ply has another take on bonding metals together, they used copper, aluminum and stainless (in that order) from the exterior to the core up to the inner lining. The Copper exterior and the aluminum core contributes to the cookware’s ability for superior heat conduction and the use of inert stainless provides the ability to cook food in a non-reactive surface area so that it won’t tarnish or discolor even when preparing food with acidic contents. The finish of the tri-ply features graceful curves and expert craftsmanship, the brushed finish of the copper exterior makes it resistant to smudges. It is a beautiful cookware as it is hardworking.


  • -Brushed copper exterior with heavy aluminum core and an 18/10 grade stainless steel lining
  • -V Shaped Stainless steel handles
  • -Oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • -Covered by a lifetime warranty
  • -Reflective surface which allows for better food monitoring

Pros and Cons

The Calphalon Copper Cookware tri-ply set is a 10 piece cookware, it includes all the necessary pieces for a complete kitchen. The bonding approach of Calphalon is unique, the use of brushed copper on the exterior coupled with a heavy gauge aluminum core results to excellent conduction of heat, the cookware responds to flame adjustments very quickly allowing for precision cooking. It also has very good heat distribution, the heat is spread even on the cooking surface in a uniform way. The Cool-V stainless steel handle is a patented technology of Calphalon, it allows the handle to stay cool to the touch. The tri-ply is also safe for use inside the oven, so it’s very useful when preparing food which needs to be browned on the stove top and finished in the oven.

The Calphalon Copper Cookware is bit lighter than the other brands of copper cookware, the heat accumulation properties of the pan is noticeably low if the pan gets crowded, you will also notice the dip when cooking proteins which are not quite at room temperature, but if best practices in cooking is followed then it should not be a big deal–don’t crowd the pan and don’t put in proteins which are not fully thawed. Care and upkeep of Calphalon tri-ply needs to be considered as well, the brushed copper exterior will react to acids found in soaps used in dishwashing machines, so you need to hand wash the cookware, the copper exterior also might discolor when exposed to heat for an extended period of time, but it does come off quite easily after polishing.

The Calphalon Copper Cookware tri-ply has a durable construction which will make it last for a long time, it comes with an 8-10 inches omelet pans, 3-quart covered sauté pan, 3 covered saucepots. The tri-ply fetches at about $449.95, the price tag is not nearly half of other copper cookware brands which makes it ideal for the beginning home chef or newlyweds.