Advanced Victorinox 8-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set review

Is there anything like a perfect kitchen knife set? Yes, there is, but don’t expect a one-fit-for-all answer.

Different people have different needs and habits, and so need different knives. If one knife set answers all or nearly all of your cooking needs, it is the right one for you.

Advanced Victorinox 8-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set

Many have been impressed by the Advanced Victorinox 8-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set, but is it the kitchen knife set for you?

Read our exhaustive Advanced Victorinox 8-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set review to find out…

Main Features

Enough Variety

The set includes a 6-inch boning, 4-inch paring, 8-inch chef’s, 10-inch slicing, and 8-inch bread knife. In short, it has enough variety to meet any amateur cook’s needs.

High carbon, stainless steel blades

Each knife blade has been hand finished by sure-handed craftsmen and produced using a special tempering process. What this basically means is that each knife of this Advanced Victorinox 8-Piece Kitchen Knife set gives precise cutting and can be sharpened again and again.

Additionally, as each blade is made of high carbon, stainless steel, it is highly durable and has a strong resistant to pitting and rust.

Ergonomically designed handles

One thing that really impressed us during this kitchen knife set review was the handles, which are designed to reduce wrist tension. Not only this, they also lend a firm, yet comfortable and natural, grip. The sure-grip handles used in this set gives one great confidence in using the knives, even when they become wet or greasy.
Easy to use sharpener

Some kitchen knife block sets offer good knives but not a great sharpener. This set, as we found in our Advanced Victorinox 8-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set review, however, is not like that. Its sharpener is both easy to use and mighty effective in sharpening a knife blade.

Minor Shortcomings

Some cooks may feel that the choices offered by this set are limited. On the other hand, some cooks, especially if they cook a lot, may find that the blade loses its sharpness rather quickly. But there is a sharpening tool included, so getting back the razor-like sharpness is no problem at all.


This knife set has many pluses, biggest one of all is its handles, which provides such a good grip. Other important benefits include high-quality blades, good variety, and a sharpener. You can’t go wrong with this set, as we learned in our Advanced Victorinox 8-Piece Kitchen Knife Block Set review, especially if you most regularly use the 5 types of knives included in this set.