Advanced Guy Fieri 12-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Wooden Block Review

There are knife sets that let you do almost everything in your kitchen and then there are some that let you do everything. “Cuts almost everything” is not good enough. And you should never settle for such a set.

Buy a knife set that not only has enough variety to let you precisely cut every kind of food, but also is long-lasting and high on safety. Is Advanced Guy Fieri 12-piece kitchen knife set such a piece?

Read the detailed Advanced Guy Fieri 12-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Wooden block review to find out…

Main Features

Enough variety for the chef in you

From deboning poultry to cutting bread and slicing vegetables, this Kitchen Knife Set with block does everything – and with precision.

While number of knives in a kitchen knife set is no guarantee of it being good, but 12 quality knives are indeed anytime better than 6 quality knives. More knives do give you more options (especially when each knife is quality work).

Forged from super-quality carbon steel

The material used in forging a knife determines, more than anything else, how good it will be. If the material is of high-quality, the knives will remain sharp for long, give precise cutting, stay immune to rust and pitting, and minimize the chances of an injury.

These knives are made from super-quality carbon steel, which is just about as good as it gets in kitchen knife block sets in this price range.

Sharpen the knives anytime in minutes

No matter how good a knife is, it will sooner or later lose some of its sharpness when used regularly. To combat this natural wearing out, the maker of this kitchen knife set provides a sharpener as part of the set. In our Advanced Guy Fieri 12-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Wooden block review, we found the sharpener to be easy to use and effective.

Minor Shortcomings

During our kitchen Knife Set review, we found that the knives lost sharpness relatively faster than some other knives that we also reviewed. However, with a good sharpener thrown in, this is really not a problem. You can sharpen the knives anytime, anywhere.


In our Advanced Guy Fieri 12-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Wooden block review, we found this set has many things going for it: a great price, an exhaustive range, precise cutting, strong durability, and a comfortable grip, not to mention an effective sharpener. A good choice for those who love to cook different foods all the time and are looking for a sturdy and quality knife set.